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Double Ranger, Double Danger is the eighth episode, [1] of Power Rangers Dino Charge. This is the beginning of the four-episode story arc that marks the first appearance of the Ptera Charger.


When clone Rangers steal the real Rangers' irreplaceable tracking device, Fury learns the location of the powerful Ptera Zord.


Sledge assigns Poisandra a mission to steal the e-tracer, much to Fury's jealousy and she picks a monster from the ship's cells to help her. Meanwhile, the rangers are using the e-scanner to help them search for the gold energem and Pterazord, Kendall having already created a Dino Charger for it. Tyler reminisces on his missing father, noting the bracelet he inherited. Suddenly Kendall warns that aliens are approaching the site. Tyler gets the tracer to safety while the others remain behind to hold off the threat. A moment later, they appear at the jeep, already morphed. They start driving away, but the jeep appears to have been sabotaged and even stranger, Shelby calls Tyler on his communicator to ask why he left them behind. It turns out the rangers are actually clones, created by Poisandra's chosen monster. Tyler is overpowered and the villains make off with the tracer. The other rangers return to base and start scanning for alien D.N.A. They soon find it and head out to recover the tracer. Meanwhile, Tyler wakes up and morphs, intending to catch up to the others. The rangers run into the clones and are forced to fight them. Fortunately Chase discreetly tucked a flower into each of their belts, allowing him to tell them apart from the clones and the rangers are able to win. The monster is still powerful though, and the rangers figure they need the Dino Spike to finish it. However they can't form it without Tyler. Meanwhile, Tyler encounters Fury and the two fight. Fury recognizes Tyler's bracelet, indicating that he met Tyler's father before. Tyler demands that Fury tell him what happened. However just as Fury is about to reveal the truth, Tyler is distracted by Chase calling him for help. Fury over powers Tyler and prepares to deliver the final blow. That is until he's stopped by a mysterious gold energy trying to burst out of his chest. He screams that he's in control the energy seems to retreat back inside. Despite having a clear shot, Tyler chooses to leave in order to help the others. He arrives on the scene and they use the Dino Spike to destroy the monster. They round on Poisandra while she tries to use the e-scanner to locate the gold energem, but Sledge distracts them by making the monster grow. The rangers fight it off with the Megazord and go after Poisandra again. However Fury gets to her first and steals the scanner, planning to use it to gain Sledge's approval. With no other choice, Tyler orders Chase to fire on Fury, destroying the e-scanner, despite Shelby earlier warning them that it was irreplaceable. The scanner is destroyed, but the Pterazord's Dino Charger survives the blast. Fury recovers it, vowing to use it to control the Pterazord. The rangers return to the base dejected, though Kendall tells them that Fury won't be able to power the Charger without the Energem. The rangers also take comfort in their teamwork and Shelby reveals that she even recovers Tyler's bracelet after he lost it in the fight.


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  • This episode's title is similar to that of Jungle Fury episode "Blue Ranger, Twin Danger".
  • This episode was postponed from its' original air date due to Nickelodeon's airing of the Kids' Choice Awards.
  • This episode marks the first on-screen usage of the Dino Cycle Charger.
  • Fury says "Infuriating!" which is a translation of his Sentai counterpart's catchphrase.
  • This episode marks the beginning of a four-part story arc introducing the Dino Charge Gold Ranger.
  • This episode is the third time the villains turn their foot soldiers into evil twin versions of the Rangers. The first two being season 1's "A Bad Reflection on You" and "Mighty Morphin' Mutants".
  • This is first time that Tyler faces off against Fury.

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