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Double Duty is the seventh episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and 300th episode of the Power Rangers franchise. It continues the Lights of Orion arc and introduces Quasar Launchers.


Kendrix is surprised when she finds that there is an actress who looks exactly like her. Meanwhile, on the Scorpion Stinger, the Wisewizard monster tells Scorpius that the Lights of Orion are hidden inside of a camera. The Wisewizard attacks the cameras on the set, Carolyn fakes an injury and Kendrix must take her place in the movie.


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  • One of the scenes of the recap shows the rangers with the Lights of Orion armor and Quasar Sabers, even though they haven't received or encountered them yet.
  • The name of the movie being filmed is "Star-Crossed Lovers" even though the Space Rangers went to see that movie in "A Date With Danger".
  • The parchments that bound the Rangers had very obvious Japanese kanji on them.


  • This is the 300th episode of Power Rangers.
  • This marks the only appearance of Carolyn Pickets.
  • Carolyn Pickets was shown in a magazine called "Glitz Movie Magazine." While unclear, it is possibly related to the "Glitz Magazine" that would appear in the Lightspeed Rescue episode "In the Limelight" (which would also feature a Pink  Ranger becoming a celebrity for one episode) the following year, and, 20 years later, the Beast Morphers episode "Secret Struggle."

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