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Double-Edged Blake is the thirty-first episode of Power Rangers: Ninja Storm.


Blake is spending his afternoons alone, and is keeping what he's up to a secret. Tori decides to follow him, and discovers he's hanging out with another girl! What connection does this woman have to the Thunder Academy, and what use will Navy Ranger's new Thunder Blade against the balloonatick Inflatron monster?


Infuriated with the constant failures, Lothor sends Shimazu down with one of Zurgane's monsters, Inflatron.

The Rangers battle him, and Blake saves the day with a new staff.

He tells the Rangers of how his Sensei at the Thunder Ninja Academy gave him the staff.

Tori follows Blake and finds that he has been training with Leanne, a Thunder Academy graduate and an old friend of the Bradley brothers.

Kelzaks attack, keeping Tori and Leanne busy. Blake heads to the beach and fights Inflatron, while the rest take on Zurgane, Motodrone and Shimazu.

Blake beats Inflatron by splitting his staff and throwing it at him.

When Inflatron grows into a giant, the Rangers destroy him with the Mighty Mammoth Zord.

Tori and Blake horse around at the beach, where he accuses her of having been jealous.



  • This episode reveals that Tori has feelings for Blake.
  • Blake's only fullscreen morph occurs in this episode.
  • First and only appearance of the Thunder Blade.
  • Shimazu's clip in the compilation of defeats never happened in Ninja Storm. It was from an unadapted Hurricaneger episode.

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