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"I will have my final roar!"
―Dotoumusha's final words before his death[src]

Dotoumusha (怒濤武者 Dotōmusha) is a Majin of the Space Pirates Balban; he is the last and most powerful of Sword General Budoh's Four Shoguns.

Character History

The most powerful of Budoh's Majin and the last Mob Shogun. In battle, he proved more than a match for the Gingamen. Dotoumusha is a red lobster-themed samurai warrior. He is sent via Budoh's final attempt to draw out the Lights of Ginga from the waters of underground hot springs under the Earth. Dotoumusha created a force field to prevent interference from the Gingamen and used his staff to draw out the Lights. Although the Gingamen destroyed the force field, they were unable to prevent the Lights from falling into his hands. In a desperate chase, Dotoumusha captured the Lights in a magical urn. He is then tricked into using the Lights for himself, by Medoumedou, in Iliess' scheme to mark Budoh as a traitor. In an attack by BullBlack, though, Dotoumusha loses the Lights to the Gingaman, who use their newfound powers to kill him, before he could use the Balban Extract.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • In Dotomusha's main form, he uses a staff both as a weapon and as a divination means to draw out a hot spring; it also uses a spell that seals the entire zone where it draws out the hot spring in an impenetrable dome. In battle, he proves to be formidable opponent, able to effortlessly defeat all five Gingamen, and shrug off their Galaxy Beast Attack Bullet and GingaRed's Two Swords Flash. After absorbing the Lights of Ginga due to Medoumedou's influence, he gains enhanced strength and endurance, allowing him to injure the Gingamen to the point where they exit their Ginga forms, and render their Galaxy Beast Attack Bullet all but useless. He also possessed a demonic variation of his sword with which he is able to use an uncontrollable fire attack to destroy the natural environment around him.


Dotoumusha is one of two monsters not to grow giant. The other is Medoumedou


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Behind the Scenes

  • Dotoumusha's motifs are the ones of an armored samurai and a red lobster


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