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"I'm really an indoor type!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Doryun Sanbu (ドリューン・サンブ Doryūn Sanbu) is a mole-themed Gangler Monster from the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, equipped with the "The big ditch/Le grand fossé" piece from the Lupin Collection.

Physical Appearance

Doryun Sanbu's head is a white skull head with evil yellow eyes concealed by red sunglasses, an orange mole nose and a purple construction hat, his jacket is a purple star nosed mole face with a Gangler safe on its nose, he also has white mole claws on his shoulders, he has 2 grey bucket drilling claws on each hand, his belt has a purple hammer, his knees are scare purple mole heads and his feet are mole feet, his overall appearance is a purple construction worker.

Character History

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Oddly for a Gangler monster, Doryun is much more reclusive.

Powers and Abilities

  • Personality Splitting: Due to the The big ditch/Le grand fossé Lupin Collection equipped in his safe, he can shoot green lasers from his eyes that can clone his targets, each one with a different personality. If the fragments of the victims aren't reassembled within 6 hours after separation, said victims will eventually be killed. In order to prevent this, the fragmented victims have to be reassembled simply by squishing them together.


  • Anahol (アナホール Anahōru): Doryun is armed with a bucket drilling claw. He can summon another one for his right hand.

Behind the Scenes


Doryun Sanbu is voiced by Daisuke Kishio (岸尾 だいすけ Kishio Daisuke) who previously voiced as Bakuryu Dimenokodon in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.


"Doryu" from Doryun's name comes from an alternative reading of characters in the Japanese word for mole (土竜 Mogura). "Sanbu" comes from the Japanese word for "three parts" (三部 Sanbu), referencing his Lupin Collection piece's ability.


  • Height: 188 cm (Giant: 47.0 m)
  • Weight: 209 kg (Giant: 522.5 kg)
  • Criminal Record: Forcefully Splitting people into 3 with different personalities
  • Lupin Collection: The big ditch/Le grand fossé Inro
  • Gangler Safe Location: Chest
  • Password: 7-0-6


Doryun Sanp concept

concept art

  • Animal Theme: Mole
  • Possible Prehistoric Basis: Naraboryctes
  • The Doryun's bucket drilling fist design is very similar to Bouken Yellow's Bucket Scoopers design from GoGo Sentai Boukenger.
  •  The big ditch/Le grand fossé Lupin Collection's ability is very similar to GoodStriker Dial Fighter mode's ability,creating two clones of a people.
  • Doryun Sanbu is designed by Ryosuke Shibuya[1].
  • He is the second gangler monster to be destroyed by the Lupin Magnum, but the first one to be defeated by it's robo mode..
  • Doryun is the first Sentai Monster since Excavation Ninja Mogudrago to have a mole theme.


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