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"Super Change, Doron Changer!"

Doron Changer (ドロンチェンジャー Doron Chenjā): The Kakurangers' transformation and communication devices, modeled after a Inrō. Given to them by the spirits of their ancestors, the Kakurangers transform with the command "Super Change, Doron Changer!" (スーパー変化ドロンチェンジャー! "Sūpā Henge Doron Chenjā!"), triggering the front panel to slide down and reveal the Kakure Medal inside. By removing the Kakure medals from the Doron Changers, the Kakurangers are able to manifest the Beast General Fighters from the medals. In the final episode, the Doron Changers were used to reseal the Youkai behind the "Seal Door".

The Doron Changer possesses a special radio receiver within; it both activates the transformation into a Kakuranger and allows for the communication with the other members of the team like a walkie-talkie. The reception can be picked up by external sources, making it dangerous if utilized accordingly due to the enemy gaining the ability to read your moves or pick up on conversations.Ep. 20: The Flowery Kunoichi Team

At the climax of the Legend War, the Doron Changers were made redundant when the Kakurangers sacrificed their powers with the rest of the first 34 Super Sentai to destroy the invasion force of the Space Empire Zangyack. Resurfacing as Ranger Keys, the Kakuranger powers would be used by the Gokaigers to assume their forms via the Gokai Change. Ultimately, the Gokaigers returned their borrowed powers to their rightful owners after overthrowing Zangyack.

Transformation Sequence


  • "Doron" is a Japanese sound effect associated with ninjas vanishing in a burst of smoke.
  • The panel that slides down to reveal the Kakure Medals is adorned with the kanji for "Shinobi" () on it.
  • In Ninninger, when Sasuke appeared, his Transformation Sequence was redone, where after the cover slides down to reveal the coin glowing, it zooms out to Sasuke with his suit glowing (without the helmet), and then, strong gales and shadow appear to form his helmet. Shinobi 7: Spring Ninja Festival!
  • The Doron Changer is modelled after an Inrō, a traditional Japanese case for holding small objects, years later, a transformation device with a similar appearance would be the Secret Analysis Case Inromaru from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.


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