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"Yep! Forever, not five-ever! Nope, nope."
―Dora Tortoise's first words

The Dora Tortoise (ドーラトトイス, Dōra Totoisu) is a tortoise-themed Dora Monster from the Bandora Gang.


The recent inclusion of Lamy into the ranks of the Bandora gang left Totpat and Bookback feeling inadequate. Seeking to regain the favor in Banodra's eyes they decided to use Pleprechaun's Nendora Machine to create a Dora monster of their own. They created Dora Tortoise by combining Pleprechaun's clay with a number of toys that Bookback kept in his satchel. The creature was also based on a breed of turtle creatures that existed 20,000 years earlier that were nearly immortal.

Unleashed upon Tokyo, Dora Tortoise used his green traffic light beam to make a group of children unable to stop moving. Also affected was the Zyuranger's Boi who could not stop himself from running. Seeking to boost the range of Dora Tortoise's power to affect everyone in the city, Totpat and Bookback pointed their monster toward Tokyo Tower. When the other Zyurangers attempted to stop the monster Dan, Goushi and Mei were immobilized by Dora Tortoise's immobilizing red light. Seeking advice from Barza, Geki learned of the turtle's weakness a special flower hidden upon a hidden Espoam Mountains. This information was relayed to Boi who was able to recover the flower while Geki kept a massive Dora Tortoise at bay with his Tyrannosaur Guardian Beast and Dragon Caesar.

Boi soon arrived on the scene and sprinkled the pollen from the flowers on Dora Tortoise, freeing his victims and weakening the monster enough for the Guardian Beasts to destroy it.


Dora Tortoise had a number of weapons that were attached to or hidden within his shell. These weapons included:

  • Magic Traffic Light: Dora Tortoise's most powerful weapon the magical traffic light could affect the motion of others. A beam fired from the red light causes those to become immobilized while the green light makes a victim unable to stop moving by making them repeat the exact action they were taking in perpetuity. It is unknown if the yellow light has any abilities or not.
  • Pirate Hook: This weapon is hidden within his shell and is worn over one of his hands. This offensive weapon does not appear to have any special properties.
  • Baseball Bat: Dora Tortoise's baseball bat allows the monster to bombard his enemies with a flurry of baseballs.
  • Cannon: By hiding his head within his shell, Dora Tortoise can then use his cannon which fires a shell of explosive force at his enemies.


Dora Tortoise was allegedly immortal. His only weakness is an unidentified species of "peaceful" flowers that only grow on the mystical Espoam Mountains. Not only does the pollen from these flowers making Dora Tortoise vulnerable it also frees the victims of his traffic light beams.


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