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Dora Titan (ドーラタイタン Dōra Taitan, 1 & 2): A giant knight with a sword. The creature was the first Dora monsters created by Witch Bandora upon her awakening in modern times.

Character History

Awoken after a 170 million-year exile on the planet Nemesis, the witch known as Bandora and her minions launched a full-scale assault on Tokyo. Part of this attack involved capturing the space shuttle that was used in the exploration of Nemesis and shrinking it down in size. Aboard the vessel were two children named Satoru Yoshimura and Yumiko Nishida, who became Bandora's prisoners. In response, Barza revived the Zyurangers to repel the attack and rescue the children. It was during their first attempt to save the children that Bandora unleashed Dora Titan, who snatched away the shrunken ship before the heroes could save the children onboard.Ep. 1: The Birth

Satoru and Yumiko eventually ended up in the possession of Dora Skeleton who whisked them away to another dimension. This time the Zyurangers were successful in rescuing the children. However, before they could escape this realm, Dora Titan ripped through the dimensional barrier and grabbed Geki. The Zyurangers found themselves outmatched against their giant foe until Geki's Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus emerged. In the ensuing battle, Dora Titan was destroyed by the Guardian Beast's Tyranno Sonic.Ep. 2: The Revival


Dora Titan was an intimidating creature due to its massive size, strength, and an apparent inability to speak. It was an unrelenting beast that would not stop until it was destroyed.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike most other Dora Monsters, Dora Titan does not display any notable powers or abilities. His only advantage being his titanic size and proportionate strength. This was an advantage against the Zyurangers as they had yet to gain access to their Guardian Beasts. The advantage quickly ended when Geki summoned the Tyrannosaurus.


  • Sword: Other than its enormous size, this sword did not appear to have any unique properties or abilities.
  • Armor: Dora Titan's armor made him impervious to harm, able to shrug off blasts from the Zyuranger's Ranger Guns.


Despite his armor, Dora Titan's eyes were exposed and succeptable to injury. Attacks to his eyes and face of sufficient force were able to stagger Dora Titan.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Dora Titan is the first Dora Monster in Zyuranger to start out as a giant.

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