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The Dora Tarantula (ドーラタランチュラ Dōra Taranchura, 25) is a tarantula-themed Dora Monster from the Bandora Gang.

Character History

The recently deceased Tsumaura's last work of art was a beautiful statue that was placed in a park as a final gift to his surviving children, Daisaku and Michiru. The statue was called the "Fairy of the Forest" and was a tribute to nature. Seeing that people -- particularly the Zyuranger's Goushi -- the evil witch Bandora sought to ruin nature for everybody out of sheer pettiness. To this end, she had Pleprechaun create Dora Tarantula. She then sent Totpat and Bookback to Earth to replace the statue with a replica that had Dora Tarantula hidden inside.

Concept art

From its hiding place, Dora Tarantula lured the insects from the part and consumed them. This allowed the monster to create a special breed of moths whose dust causes those exposed to it to enter a perpetual sleep. After a number of children began mysteriously succumbing to the sleeping disease, the Zyurangers went to the park to investigate. With the help of Daisaku and Michiru, the heroes discovered that their father's statue was replaced with a fraud. Attacking the statue with his , Goushi revealed the Dora monster hidden inside.

Although the creature was protected by Grifforzer, Dora Tarantula was overwhelmed by the Zyurangers and was grown in size by Bandora. Although the massive monster had the upper hand against the Zyurangers Guardian Beasts, the tide of battle changed when Burai arrived and summoned Dragon Caesar. Dora Tarantula was then destroyed when Dragon Caesar and the Guardian Beasts merged into Gouryuzin and used the Concussive Dragonstrike to slay the monster. Upon the destruction of Dora Tarantula, those under its sleeping spell awoke. Although the statue of Daisaku and Michiru was destroyed, the young children kept the memory of their father alive with a tree given to them by Goushi, a much better tribute to the natural world that Tsumarua loved so much.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Sleeping Moths: By consuming other insects, Dora Tarantula could create swarms of sleeping moths. These moths produced dust on their wings that caused those exposed to it to enter a deep sleep from which they could not awaken from until Dora Tarantula was destroyed.


  • Webbing: Dora Tarantula could fire streams of webbing from each of its six arms. This webbing was incredibly sticky and could easily ensnare an opponent. Those rendered immobilized by the webbing could be subject to further harm when Dora Tarantula channels electricity through the webs.
  • Spider-Venom: Lastly, Dora Tarantula can spray a thick foam-like venom from its mouth. Contact with this venom saps the strength of those who are exposed to this toxic material.


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Behind the Scenes


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