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"The human world will soon meet its end. I, DoraRaiger, will bring a thousand days of rain.....and wash away everything in a flood!"
―Dora Raiger's first words

Dora Raiger  (ドーラレイガー, Dōra Reigā) (33): A water fairy-themed Dora Monster who possessed a blue-jewel of great power on her crown, using it to send children to her dimensional realm where she turns them into a blue liquid. This liquid would be used to create a massive storm that would wipe out the city. Both this jewel and a red-one were sister fairy-princesses whom Bandora turned into gems. Only by the gems touching each other would the curse be lifted. Reiger was invincible until the owner of the red-jewel, Saori, slammed her jewel into the blue-jewel and broke the curse. Rendered powerless, Reiger was quickly destroyed by the Ranger Slingers.

Her name seems based on the japanese word "Rei" which means "cold"


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