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""Take this!""
―Dora Pixie when throwing a large ball at Gouryuuzin and his final words before his death.[src]

Dora Pixie (ドーラピクシー, Dōra Pikushī) (23): A unicorn-horned boy with fangs in a baseball uniform. He assumed the form of a young boy in order to confuse his enemies


The legends state that Dora Pixie was part of a group of cupids that had used their abilities to encourage romance between humans. Among their number was the mischevious Pixie who angered God and was banished to Earth.

Millions of years later, Dora Pixie was created when Bandora was inspired by the renewed romance between her minions Grifforzer and Lamy and needed a creature that could weaponize love. Disguised as a young boy, Dora Pixie was sent to Earth. There the creature used his magic baseballs to force people to fall in love with each other. Dora Pixie particularly targeted children, making a group of boys obsessed with a girl named Satoko.

When the Zyurangers attempted to stop Dora Pixie he used his abilities to make Boi and Dan fall madly in love with their teammate Mei. The other Zyurangers quickly learned that Dora Pixie's power resided in his horn. Once cut, Dora Pixie's power over everyone ended. Furious, Pixie grew in size and used a less concentrated form of his love gas to regain control of his victims. Instead, the Zyurangers (minus Mei) summoned their Guardian Beasts to battle the monster. Aided by Grifforzer and Lamy, Dora Pixie had the advantage until Burai summoned Dragon Caesar. Being unable to form Daizyuzin due to Mei being in love with Dora Pixie, the Zyurangers instead formed Gouryuuzin, the Zyurangers knocked back a massive ball Dora Pixie threw, deflected his love mist with the Dragon Antler and killed Dora Pixie with the Concussive Dragonstrike.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifter: Dora Pixie can assume human form, taking on the appearance of a young boy wearing a baseball uniform.
  • Love Spell: Dora Pixie has the ability to make people become obsessively infatuated with anything. This spell is not limited to human beings as he has made people fall in love with inanimate objects like cars and airplanes. This power is utilized in two ways:
    • Baseballs: Utilized while in human form, these baseballs were thrown at his opponents. Upon contact, these balls are swallowed by their victims putting them under his spell.
    • Gas: In monster form, Dora Pixie can emit gas from his horn that has a similar effect.
  • Energy Projection: Dora Pixie can unleash blasts of explosive energy from the talons on his fingers.


  • Giant Ball: Dora Pixie can summon a massive red ball that he can throw at his enemies.


Dora Pixie's magical baseballs enthralled his victims until his horn was cut. This caused those affected by the spell to regurgitate the love balls. Without his horn, Dora Pixie appeared incapable of creating more of these balls, but could still emit gas that had a similar effect from his horn. Upon his destruction, all those remaining under Dora Pixie's power were freed from his spell.



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