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Dora Minotaur (ドーラミノタウロス, Dōra Minotaurosu, 3 & 4): This Dora Monster was used in an attempt to keep the Zyurangers from gaining the Legendary Weapons, and from saving a boy named Hiroshi. Armed with a spiked club and shield, it could burrow underground. It could also shoot lightning from its horns and breathe a stream of fire. It received the full-brunt of the Howling Cannon, destroying it.

Character History

With their weapons destroyed in a previous battle, the Zyurangers ventured into the Land of Despair to find the Legendary Weapons. Knowing that anyone who stays in this domain for over 24 hours would be turned into stone, Bandora came up with a two-fold plan to delay the Zyurangers on their mission. The first was trapping a young boy named Hiroshi and his mother in the Land of Despair, forcing the Zyurangers to rescue the boy and the family. The second component of her scheme was having Pleprechuan create Dora Minotaur to further delay the heroes on their quest. Even though the Zyurangers were no match for Dora Minotaur, Bandora went so far as to grow him to titanic size. The Zyurangers tried to fight off the creature with their newly activated Guardian Beasts.Ep. 3: Fight in the Land of Despair

The battle lasted until nightfall prompting Bandora to withdraw Dora Minotaur in the hopes that the plunging temperatures would force the Zyurangers to give into despair, speeding up the process that would turn them into stone. However, the Zyurangers soldiered on despite the impossible odds and ultimately claimed the Legendary Weapons. Furious, Bandora summoned Dora Minotaur to finish the Zyurangers off. Unfortunately, the monster was no match for the heroes and their new weapons. The battle quickly ended when the team combined their weapons into the powerful Howling Cannon. Dora Minotaur was annihilated by a single blast from this powerful weapon. Following Dora Minotaur's destruction the Zyurangers, Hiroshi and his mother escaped the Land of Despair before it could be destroyed by Bandora.Ep. 4: Reawaken, Legendary Weapons


Dora Minotaur is a speechless creature that communicates in growls and grunts.

Powers and Abilities

  • Burrowing: Dora Minotaur can burrow underground to travel at fantastic speeds. He prefers to do so with his horns poking above the surface in an attempt to gore his foes as he travels.
  • Elemental Powers: Dora Minotaur could breathe fire as well as fire electricity from his horns.


  • Club: This Dora Monster carried a spiked club that does not appear to have any specific properties.
  • Shield: Dora Minotaur's spiked shield could deflect energy blasts.

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