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Dora Knight (ドーラナイト, Dōra Naito) (15): An expert swordsman who used Durandal, an evil sword which Bandora had a 10-year old boy, Shigeru, make at midnight. This made Dora Knight invincible as Durandal made any other weapon it clashes with rusty. The only thing Durandal was unable to do was to kill it's creator, Shigeru. Once Shigeru was in Daizyujin, Dora Knight was powerless as he is killed by Daizyujin.



concept art

Dora Knight's sword was named after the sword Durendal which was wielded by Roland, a Paladin of Charlemagne. According to legend, Durendal's construction included relics from multiple Christian saints which not only gave it incredible strength but also made it especially effective against pagans and other enemies of Christendom.

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