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―Dora Kinkaru's final words before his death.[src]

Dora Kinkaru (ドーラ金角, Dōra Kinkaku) (37) was a very powerful samurai-based Dora Monster.


Samurai Fan Man's wind blast

Dora Kinkaru's signature attack.

Dora Kinkharu was armed with a large fan that he could use to blow people away (literally it can) and a magic jar that could suck people inside and trap them. He also used a pole as a weapon, as well as a rake that is/was identical to the one used by Dora Goblin. Goldhorn could also use the spikes on the side of his headgear as exploding darts.

He demonstrated great power in battle, defeating the ZyuRangers who were forced to call on their guardian beasts when Goldhorn was still small, then when giant easily handled the guardian beasts and later Gouryuuzin who only was formed so that the concussive dragon strike could cut his magic jar loose, freeing Mei so they could form Ultimate Daizyujin, but before he could be formed, Goldhorn blew away Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar into a mountainside with his fan, but was killed by Ultimate Daizyujin's Grand Banisher.



Concept art

  • Dora Kinkaku is directly based on the monster Gold Horn from chapters 32-35 of the Chinese epic Journey to the West.

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