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"Dora Gunrock! Take this! Gunrock Cannon!"
―Dora Gunrock's first words when assembled by Lami.[src]

"Gan gan!"
―Gunrock's catchphrase before firing his Gunrock Cannon at the Zyurangers.[src]

"Damn it!"
―Dora Gunrock when he looked into the Mirror of Havoc and his final words before his death.[src]

Dora Gunrock (ドーラガンロック Dōra Ganrokku, 36):


A stone Dora Monster summoned by Lami to help her catch Tadashi and acquire a crystal needed to use in finding the Mirror of Havoc so that Bandora can destroy Daizyuzin forever. Dora Gunrock can shoot rocks out from his stomach that gets stuck to whoever they hit, weighing them down so they can't move. He easily overpowers the Zyurangers using his Gunrock Cannon, nearly drowning Boi and Goushi in a swimming pool. However, he is killed when he looks into the Mirror of Havoc (thrown by Tadashi) whilst trying to crush Mei and Geki under a boulder. Dora Gunrock is not growth because Bandora directly targets Lami and Grifforzer with her growth spell so the spirits don't enlarge him.


Dora Gunrock was a brutish and cunning monster that stopped at nothing on his mission to defeat the Zyurangers and obtain the Mirror of Havoc. However, he was very loyal to Lami.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Dora Gunrock was able to pick up and throw Boi and Goushi into a swimming pool despite them being weighted down by his boulders as well as pick up a massive boulder to try and kill Mei and Geki with.
  • Durability: Due to being made of boulders, Dora Gunrock shrugged off a jump kick from Geki as well as laughing at multiple hits from the Legendary Weapons.


  • Gunrock Cannon: Dora Gunrock's signature attack where he could fire boulders out of a hole in his stomach. These were heavy enough to weigh down any given Rangers and prevent them from getting up.


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  • Fists: Dora Gunrock possessed no weapons other than his rocks but had large stone fists to clobber his enemies with.
  • Boulder: Dora Gunrock tried to crush Geki and Mei to death under a boulder but he and the boulder were destroyed by the Mirror of Havoc.

Behind the Scenes



  • Dora Gunrock was based upon the golem, an animated anthropomorphic being from Jewish folklore that is magically created entirely from inanimate matter.

Concept Art


  • His name is a combination of gun and rock.


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