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Dora Gansaku's ability

Dora Gansaku (ドーラガンサク Dōra Gansaku, 40-42, 49 & 50): A Cyclops Dora Monster that took on the forms of the Guardian Beasts. He could project energy beams from his eye. He first posed as Dragon Caesar to lure DragonRanger out of hiding. Though he retreated once the real Dragon Ceasar appeared, Bandora succeeded in finding the location of the Lapless Room and destroyed it. Dora Gansaku was later launched to attack as Gouryuujin. Burai called for Dragon Caesar, but despite defeating Dora Fake as it posed as Daizyujin, Gouryuujin again, and Tyrannosaurus, Dragon Caesar and Burai were on the verge of defeat. The other Zyurangers soon arrived and used the Ultimate Daizyujin to finally destroy it seconds before Burai's time ran out, and also saved the life of a boy named Kota.

Dora Gansaku, along with Dora Ninja, Dora Chimaera and Dora Mirage later return as ghosts in Bandora's Magic Realm when the Zyurangers went to rescue their Guardian Beasts.

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Dora Gansaku is voiced by Rintaro Torii (鳥居賞也 Torii Rintarō).


Dora Gansaku's body (minus the head) is a repainted version of Emperor Tranza's suit minus the cloak and having a one-eyed head added to it.


  • Dora Gansaku mirrors the later Dora Mirage as they both share the same trademark ability, but while Dora Mirage appeared exclusively man-sized, taking the form of TyrannoRanger, Dora Fake appeared exclusively as a giant, taking the form of the mecha.

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