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"Is there something you want?"
―Dora Franke's first words when  Dan became too curious.[src]

"Satan Franke!"
―Zombie Franke after being empowered by Dai-Satan and his final words before his death.[src]

Dora Franke (ドーラフランケ, Dōra Furanke) (28-31) was one of the most powerful Dora Monsters and the first made Dokiita Clay.


After Witch Bandora finds a mine of Dokiita Clay under the streets of Tokyo, she has her Golem Soldiers dig it out and Pleprechaun uses it and his Nendora Machine to create the prototype Dokiita Dora Monster; Dora Franke to better combat Dragon Caesar. He is created to serve as muscle for thier mining operation but is sent with Totpat and Bookback in human form to the surface when mist (a byproduct of the Dokita Clay mining) starts coming up through the sewers. Dora Franke first appears in the ramen shop where the Zyurangers are working alongside human Totpat and Bookback under the pretense of being gas company workers working to fix a leak. Disguised only with a sweatband, he eats a lot of ramen before leaving but first has to confront Dan where he is too curious. Angered, Dora Franke throws him away and both he and his compatriots are gone by the time that Dan recovers. Later that night, he finds a small boy named Shinichi who has heard Bandora's theme song being chanted from the dokita clay located within the sewers. The child's screaming alerts Dan but Dora Franke grabs him too and throws them both into a cage in the sewers where they watch the mining operation. When they escape after he throws down thier cage, Dan transforms using his Dino Buckler but is overwhelmed and has to flee when the cave system starts to collapse after Bandora on a Dokiita Clay ball rises in the city. Emerging from underground, Dora Franke appears and confronts the entire team of Zyurangers who transform and summon the Legendary Weapons but even these aren't enough against Dora Franke who Bandora then enlarges which grants him a ball and chain. They form Daizyuzin  but it gets smashed in the chest and then ducked before a smack to the crotch knocks it back further. Geki summons the God Horn but even that bounces straight off of the monster's chest and he blocks the follow-up swing and kicks it away before smacking Daizyuzin back again. Getting his ball and chain around its neck, he comically begins slamming it up and down against the ground and advancing to finish it off. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 28: Clay Monsters, New And Improved

Becoming Zombie Franke

As Geki's cries reach Burai in the Lapless Room, Dora Franke picks Daizyuzin up above his head and twirling it around in a big circle right before tossing it straight through a building. However, Daizyuzin disengages and Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus runs into the countryside so Dora Franke withdraws to allow for the Dokiita Golems to finish off the Zyurangers. However, they are vaporized by the new Ranger Slingers so Dora Franke returns to the city as a giant and they summon all six Guardian Beasts this time. The superior numbers allows the Zyurangers to temporarily get the upper hand on the outnumbered Dora Franke but his strength quickly turns the tables again. Burai attempts Dragon Caesar's tail whip but Dora Franke grabs the tail mid-swing and picks it up before smacking Daizyuzin with it and tossing Dragon Caesar down with it. The Frankenstein Monster then chokes them with more of the mining mist before using his chained bolts to slap them back only for the Rangers to regroup and form Gouryuujin. Dora Franke jumps at them and double punches it back and shrugs off two punches to the chest before slamming it back. Gouryuujin then fires its head fin at him but he throws it back with devastating effort so the Zyurangers eject from the mecha and obliterate his ball and chain weapon with the Ranger Slingers. Enraged, he charges only to be fatally impaled on the Dragon Antler in Gouryuujin's Concussive Dragonstrike. However, Dora Franke then turns into a much stronger form named Zombie Franke and Bandora reveals that he will only get stronger the more that they defeat him. With his mission complete and the Zyurangers reeling, Zombie Franke disappears. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 29: A Mystery!? The Attacking Beast Knight God

Becoming Satan Franke

Two days later, Bandora begins her most powerful spell to summon Dai-Satan to Earth in order to re-start the war with the Guardian Beasts. To do so requires 13 10 year old children but the Zyurangers rescue the final one she needs named Yuka and both Lami and Grifforzer are unable to get her so Zombie Franke is sent as well. The Zyurangers leave the girl with Mei and summon Daizyuzin but Zombie Franke is even stronger than before and easily beats them down. In the meantime, Bandora captures Yuka in a pond which allows Bandora to summon Dai-Satan. At her request, Great Satan infuses Zombie Franke with some of his power, turning him into the lethal Satan Franke ((サタンフランケ Satan Furanke). Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 30: Satan Comes!!

Although Burai soon appears with Dragon Caesar, Satan Franke easily overwhelms both before spraying with very acidic white foam. This easily eats into the Guardian Beasts, sapping their energy and causing them to go to sleep until they die from lack of energy. However, they are able to unlock the true power of the Guardian Beasts, Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar which awakens them before they combine for the first time into Zyutei Daizyujin. With it, they are even with Satan Franke and finally crush it with the Empire Attack, vaporizing the Dora monster as it impotently wails in dumbstruck horror. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 31: Reborn! The Ultimate God


Dora Franke in all of his forms was an extremely aggressive and violent monster who loved to use his strength to injure his enemies but was very loyal to Bandora and her generals.


Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Dora Franke was one of the most powerful monsters in Super Sentai history. He could could knock the Zyurangers down with single punches, lift Dan and Shuichi into the air in either hand, lift them and thier cage into the air and wield Dragon Caesar like a club by holding its tail.
    • Super Throw: Dora Franke's strength allowed him to throw his neck bolts at his enemies with impressive force, taking down Billy with one hit and striking back Daizyuzin and Dragon Caesar back with one throw.
  • Durability: Dora Franke was able to shrug off multiple hits from the Legendary Weapons and even the God Horn..
    • Resiliance: A double punch to Dora Franke's chest from Dan had no effect and he bounced right off and even the God Horn had no effect.
  • Mist Spray: Dora Franke could fire a large cloud of red mist out of his mouth. This was a byproduct of Dokita Clay production and had intense choking effects.
  • Transformation: When defeated, Dora Franke could shed his skin and clothes to adopt a stronger form; Zombie Franke.
  • Expert Fighter: Dora Franke was able to take on and fight off five Zyurangers at once even with their Legendary Weapons as well as Daizyuzin and its God Horn.
  • Super Jump: Dora Franke was able to leap several meters in the air to launch his initial attack on Gouryuujin.


  • Chained Mace: Dora Franke 's main weapon was a chain and a meteor hammer-like weapon and a spiked ball chain.
  • Bolts: Dora Franke  could withdraw the bolts from his neck, which were connected by a chain, which he could twirl and throw at his enemies.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Zombie Franke was able to horribly damage Daizyuzin by throwing his ball and chain at it and knock it around with ball swings. Even unarmed, single punches and kicks knocked Daizyuzin away.
  • Teleportation: Zombie Franke left after transforming by vanishing.
  • Expert Fighter: Zombie Franke was still a very capable fighter like his original form but was far more violent and vicious than before.


  • Chained Mace: Zombie Franke retained his chained mace which had mysteriously returned despite its previous destruction. It was completely obliterated when he threw it at Daizyuzin.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ehanced Power: As Bandora requested, Satan Franke was the most powerful Dora Monster of them all and easily defeated Daizyuzin and Dragon Caesar singlehandidly.
  • Strength: Single punches and kicks knocked Daizyuzin and Dragon Caesar away.
  • Durability: Satan Franke was smacked in the head by Dragon Caesar's tail but was unfazed and being shot by Zyutei Daizyuzin's Kaiser Burst had no effect.
  • Wind Generation: Satan Franke could flap the skin under his arms like wings to generate winds strong enough to blow away Daizyuzin.
  • Satan Blast: Satan Franke could fire red-yellow lightning from the eyes of the Dai-Satan head on his chest.
  • Acid Foam: Satan Franke could spray white ooze from his mouth that would eat through any metal and sapped the Guardian Beasts of thier energy until they went to sleep.
  • Combined Blast: Satan Franke could send yellow lightning between his mouth and his Dai-Satan head to fire a massive red beam capable of causing large explosions. This seemed to be his strongest attack since it was used as a last resort but had no effect on Zyutei Daizyuzin.
  • Agility: Satan Franke was fast enough to duck Dragon Caesar's tail mid-swing.


  • Vaporization: Being vaporized by Zyutei Daizyuzin's Empire Attack killed Dora Franke for good and prevented him from reforming again.


  • Claws-Satan Franke had no weapons of any kind but possessed razor sharp claws to slash his enemies with.

Behind the Scenes


  • Unlike most Dora Monsters, Dora Franke was played by a real person (Maroshi Tamura) rather than just being a rubber suit. Maroshi also voiced his enhanced forms.


  • Dora Franke was based upon Frankenstein's Monster, from the 1818 novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (specifically, the famous and influential Boris Karloff iteration of the monster from the 1931 film adaptation of the novel). Zombie Franke was, as his name suggests, based upon a zombie and Satan Franke was based upon a Chinese dragon.

Concept Art


  • Dora Franke follows the naming convention of all his Dora Monster brethren, named after his master, Bandora, and adding the final syllable of her name to a monster. In his case, he is named after the fictional monster from Mary Shelley's 1818 novel, Frankenstein. His two subsequent forms forego the Dora name, but keep the Franke name. Zombie Franke is named after the mythical undead zombies originating from Haitian folklore while Satan Franke is named after Satan, the embodiment of evil in Christianity.


  • Due to his very violent and gruesome transformations, Dora Franke and his enhanced forms werre made into two different monsters when adapted into Power Rangers.


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