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Dora Franke (ドーラフランケ, Dōra Furanke) (28-31): The first Dora Monster made from Dokiita Clay. He displayed superior strength than previous Dora Monsters, overpowering Daizyuzin (whose sword had no effect on it) and Dragon Caesar.

Concept art of Dora Franke

Zombie Franke

Upon getting hit by the Ranger Slingers and impaled by Gouryuujin, the power of Dokiita-clay transformed him into Zombie Franke (ゾンビフランケ, Zonbi Furanke). He fought the Zyurangers while Bandora gathered the ingredients to summon Great Satan.

Concept art of Zombie Franke

Satan Franke

On Earth, Great Satan infused Zombie Franke with some of his power, turning him into the lethal Satan Franke (サタンフランケ, Satan Furanke). He overpowered Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar, by spraying white foam that sapped their energy, causing them to go to sleep on the ground and forcing the Zyurangers to retreat. But upon unlocking the true power of the Guardian Beasts, Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar combined for the first time into Zyutei Daizyujin and defeated Satan Franke with the Empire Attack, vaporizing the Dora monster.

Concept art of Satan Franke



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