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"Dora Circe! I'm hungry! Feed me! Feed me!"
―Dora Circe's first words
"I wanted to eat that!"
―Dora Circe's final words before his death

The Dora Circe (ドーラキルケ Dōra Kiruke) is a Circe/pig-themed Dora Monster from the Bandora Gang.

Character History

At the time of Dora Circe's creation, Bandora was obsessed with her weight and was attempting to lose weight. However, after witnessing Mamoru and his family enjoying a large meal, she decides to make the family of gluttons pay for enjoying food while she starved herself. Bandora then demanded an appropriate monster to make this family miserable. Pressed for a solution Pleprechuan found the clay figure for Dora Circe among his rejected designs and brought the creature to life. It was then sent to Earth to eat to secretly eat all of the food in Mamour's home and trash his family's grocery store. Unaware of what was going on, Mamour's family became hostile toward each other as the lack of food made them irritable and angry. Eventually, Dora Circe begins expanding his gluttonous rampage by eating every scrap of food within reach.

When the Zyurangers try to stop this creature, they are shocked when the monster eats their weapons. Before they could be destroyed the team was rescued by the mysterious Gnome who takes the team back to his domain in the mushroom forest. There, he tells the team that Dora Circe's only weakness is a rare herb called Moly. Gnome offers to give the Zyurangers the rare herb if they can eat all the food he puts out before them. Despite the large quantities of food, the heroes manage to eat every bite and are awarded the Moly. Returning to Tokyo, the group then trick Dora Circe into eating the Moly causing the monster to vomit up their weapons. The team quickly destroyed Dora Circe by forming the Howling Cannon and blasting the monster into oblivion.Ep. 8: Terror! Eaten In An Instant


Dora Circe is an obsessive glutton who can only think of one thing: eating.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bottomless Stomach: Dora Circe has an endless appetite allowing him to eat massive quantities of food without growing full.
  • Super-Speed: This monster can move at blinding speed able to eat massive quantities of food in the blink of an eye without being seen.
  • Wind Generation: Dora Circe can generate powerful gusts of wind by blowing air out of his snout.


  • Fork and Knife: Dora Circe wields a large fork and knife as offensive weapons.


  • Moly: Dora Circe's only weakness is a rare herb known as Moly. After eating this substance, Dora Circe becomes violently ill, vomiting up most of the food that he has eaten.

concept art


Dora Circe was inspired by the Greek sorceress Circe who turned men into animals based on their personalities (IE-gluttons into pigs) and whose magic was neutralized by Moly.

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