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"Dora Chimera!"
―Dora Chimera's first words upon being created.[src]
"Don't get ahead of yourself, fool!"
―Dora Chimera when Goushi was mocking him from atop a cliff and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
―Dora Chimera upon being enlarged.[src]
"I'll finish you with a full-on-ice hockey charge!"
―Dora Chimera when drawing a hockey stick before charging at Daizyuzin and his final words before his death.[src]
Dora Chimaera

Chimaera's ability

Dora Chimera (ドーラキマイラ, Dōra Kimaira) is one of Bandora's Dora Monsters, a lion-like monster who fire beams from his eyes and uses the goat head on his stomach to create gusts of snow and tornadoes. In addition, he also has dragon-like wings on his shoulders and a snake-headed tail. The latter ability serves as means for Dora Chimera to absorb people to use their talents, having acquired a pop singer, a baseball player, a soccer player, an archer, and a hockey player. His mission, set by Bandora, was to steal away the talent's of children's idols and make them feel immensely depressed.


Dora Chimaera

Dora Chimera then proceeds to target a kendo specialist named Sayaka who Goushi befriended, possessing the woman and wounding Goushi before being forced out. Fighting the other Zyurangers, Dora Chimera easily overpowered them, beating them soundly before enveloping them in an energy cyclone with intend of adding to his collection until Goushi arrived and assaulted Dora Chimera with extreme prejudice, slaying him with a single slash from the Mothbreaker whilst jumping off a cliff which freed everyone Chimera consumed. Dora Chimera was then enlarged but was destroyed by Daizyuzin's Legendary Thunderstrike.

Dora Chimera, along with Dora Ninja, Dora Fake and Dora Mirage later return as ghosts in Bandora's Magic Realm when the Zyurangers went to rescue their Guardian Beasts.

Physical Appearance

Dora Chimera is a chimera-like monster with the upper torso, arms and head of a lion, and a lower body and legs of a goat with a goat's head in the middle of his torso, he also has a snake's tail with a dragons head and what appears to be dragon-like wings on his shoulders.


  • Dora Chimera is the only Chimera Themed Sentai Monster Of The Week who's appearance is based on the appearance of how it looks in Classical Mythology.

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