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Dora Antaeus (ドーラアンタイオス, Dōra Antaiosu) (43): A giant bird/dinosaur monster that revived into a stronger form every time it died. This monster came along during a time when both Geki and Dragon Caesar were still suffering over the loss of Burai. Knowing this, Bandora took advantage of this and cast a spell that bound Dragon Caesar's arms to his sides. It also caused Dragon Caesar to hardly move, let alone fight and became weaker and weaker. Daizyujin had a tough time handling Dora Antaeus until Geki jumped inside and found the monster's heart and summoned the Dragon Armor, revitalizing Dragon Caesar, causing him to overcome Bandora's magic as he realized the others needed his help. So Dragon Caesar used his tail to cut a hole in Dora Antaeus, enabling Geki to escape with the monster's heart flying out. After Geki obliterated the heart, he and the others formed Ultimate Daizyujin to finally finish off Dora Antaeus for good.



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