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"The name's Door World! Hey there! Hello hello!"
―Door World's first words when introducing himself to Stacy.[src]

"Hey there, hey there, hey there!"
―Door World's signature greeting.[src]

"You people! How did you get here with my doors in effect?!"
―Door World after the Zenkaigers managed to avoid his world of doors.[src]

"Why, why?! Door!"
―Door World's final words before his death.[src]

Door World (ドアワルド Doa Warudo, 8) was a door-themed World Monster from Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo created from the Door Tojiru Gear that contained Doortopia.

Character History

Though very successful in fighting the Zenkaigers, Stacy overloads his Geartozinger with Sentai Gears which renders him powerless. Disgusted with his son, Barashitara creates Door World and accompanies him to Earth to confront his son and give him a "birthday gift" as help. After the World Monster reveals himself to the Zenkaigers, Barashitara sends Door World to fight them so he summons five doors through which Barashitara sends the Zenkaigers flying into and knocking them out in process. With the Zenkaigers gone, Door World channels his energies and spews doors out from his body Though Stacy leaves in disgust, Door World stays with Barashitara to continue converting Earth into Doortopia. The Zenkaigers wake up from the attack and find themselves ending up in various locations; Kaito ends up in a school principal's office, Gaon in an office building, Juran in a dojo, Magine in an elevator and Vroon outside. Attempts to go back through the doors end up taking them to other locations; Kaito to the local zoo, Gaon into a random car, Juran into a café and Vroon switches places with Magine. Further attempts to find their way back end up sending Kaito to London, Juran to the Taj Mahal, Gaon to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Magine to the Pyramids in Egypt and Vroon to the Antarctic. Later, Door World arrives in the quarry to find Stacy and Kaito discusing the diferences between their parents. Te World watches as they transform and fight with Stacy refusing the help of World. During the fight, before the fake Maskman and Fiveman copies can execute Kaito, the other Zenkaigers as giants arrive and crush them much to Door World's horror. As it turns out, Door World's powers only work when people go through his doors so they managed to avoid them completely by going giant instead and, instead make their way back to japan on foot. Enraged, Door World prepares to use his powers again but is instead betrayed by Stacy who activates his Caesar Dark Shadow Blast finisher.The attack launches and fatally wraps around the World Monster who can only question being suddenly betrayed before being blown apart.

Despite the betrayal, Door World's Tojiru Gear survives his explosion which allows Stacy to summon a Kudaitest to throw the Tojiru Gear into its chest and have it become Great Door World. Which was Stacy's reason for killing him in the first place.


Being based upon doorways, Door World was obsessed with door and all things associated with it to the point of obsession and repeatedly having the word "door" in his sentences. His weak and helpless in combat nature however got him killed by Stacy in order to give him an advantage.



The original form of the Worlds.


When the Kuddak is installed with a Tojiru Gear, it briefly transforms into Kudaiter before becoming a World.

―Transformation announcement[src]

Door World

  • World: Doortopia (ドアトピア Doatopia)

By using the Door Tojiru Gear, he changed into Door World (ドアワルド Doa Warudo).

Powers and Abilities


  • World Creation: Door World could alter the world to his own image by charging himself up with purple energy and then spewing pink-purple energy from himself to send doors flying across Tokyo.
    • Doors: While Door World is active, using doors will link them to another door, causing people to end up at random locations.


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  • Door Reliance: Door World's powers only worked if someone actually went through his doors. Circumventing them entirely through other methods (such as growing giant) rendered his powers inert.


  • Key Arm Blaster: Door World had a key-like blaster on his right arm for combat and to open his door portals.
    • Door Portals: Door World could create doors that lead to any other door in the world by shooting purple blasts from his key arm blaster. When someone entered these doors, they were sent to a random location and found that the same happened anytime they pass through a door or window.
      • Continental Transportation: Door World's doors could even transport users across continents.
      • Instant Power Canceling: The Zenkaigers instantly lost their transformation after passing through Door World's portals.

Behind the Scenes


  • Door World was voiced by Shōya Chiba, best known as the voice of B Cell from Cells at Work.


  • Door World was designed to be an anthropomorphic door.


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