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"Some stupid underwater drone broke my Tsunami Machine!"
―Doomwave's first lines to Madame Odius after she contacted him to find out what was taking so long.[src]

"I've got a sinking feeling!"
―Doomwave's final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"You're going to pay for destroying my machine!"
―Doomwave when being gigantified.[src]

―Doomwave's final words before his death.[src]

Doomwave was an inflatable raft/wave/octopus-themed contestant on the second season of Galaxy Warriors and the main antagonist of the episode "Making Waves."


Doomwave is sent to plant the Tsunami Machine to engulf the entirety of Summer Cove and wipe it out but Aaron Foster's drone breaks it using a net. He is first seen on the big screens of the Warrior Dome as he reports to Madame Odius that his machine has been broken. After being ordered by Odius to get on with it, Doomwave tries to fix it along with an army of Basherbots and Badonna coming along but the Ninja Steel Rangers (having discovered his plan using the drone) arrive and morph to take him and the Basherbots on. As most of the Rangers fight the Basherbots, Brody takes on Doomwave and is able to overpower the monster but, right before the Rangers can shoot him with the Ninja Blasters and before Levi's Rockstorm Guitar Rockstorm Blast, the monster is able to move away from the lasers as they destroy the Basherbots. Afterwards, he takes his machine and escapes into the ocean with no one to stop him and no way to reach him. After Doomwave fixes his Tsunami Machine, he returns and encounters the Power Rangers again as they are about to set the drone to the water. Preston and Calvin try to get the drone into the water but Doomwave shoots lightning from his eyes to bring them down. Right before he can destroy them, Levi and Brody step in and kick the monster back, allowing Calvin and Preston to put the drone in the water. Doomwave gets back on his feet and knocks the remote out of Hayley's hand. The tsunami then starts and Doomwave summons an army of Basherbots to aid him in battle so the male Rangers fight them off whilst Hayley and Sarah are able to retrieve the controller to control the drone and use it to capture the machine. After dealing with the Basherbots, Brody and Levi then combine their Red Ninja Strike Final Attack and Tornado Slash Final Attack to destroy Doomwave. The monster is dunked into the ocean and bemoans his feeling of defeat before imploding as Levi takes a selfie. With the threats eliminated, Hayley and Sarah pull the Tsunami Machine onto shore and use their Ninja Blasters to obliterate it.

The end of Doomwave

Doomwave is then gigantified in the water by Cosmo Royale and he attacks the Rangers with his more powerful lightning vision. With him out at sea, the Megazords will not be able to attack but the Rangers acquire a new Zord Star by Mick that latches on to the drone (much to the Rangers' surprise) and transforms it into the Sub Surfer Zord. The newly-created Zord attacks Doomwave so the monster himself tries to fight back but he is no match. The Sub Surfer Zord then changes into its Ninja Zord Mode and overpowers Doomwave even more. The Rangers summon their Ninja Steel Zords and form the Ninja Steel Megazord before combining it with the Sub Surfer Zord to form the new Sub Surfer Ninja Megazord. Doomwave tries one last attempt to defeat it but is obliterated by the Riptide Slash Final Attack.


Doomwave's personality was similar to that of a scuba diver who loved the water and did anything to wipe out Summer Cove. He was also very protective of his Tsunami Machine as shown when he managed to knock the remote out of the White Ranger's hands and later tried to destroy them for obliterating it.

Powers and Abilities


  • Lightning Vision: Doomwave was able to fire yellow colored lightning beams from his eyes strong enough to knock down Preston and Calvin with one blast.
    • Mega Lightning Vision: As a giant, Doomwave could fire lightning beams from his eyes as he could previously but they were larger and colored brighter.
  • Super Jumps-Doomwave could jump leap incredible distances.
  • Teleportation: Doomwave was able to teleport to any location at will.
  • Raft Mimicry: Doomwave could turn his lower body into a raft while using his blade as a paddle.


  • Skilled Inventor: Doomwave was skilled in making inventions since he created the Tsunami Machine.
    • Skilled Repairer-Doomwave was also able to repair his badly damaged Tsunami Machine single-handedly and underwater.
  • Basherbot Summoning: Doomwave could summon Basherbots to aid him in battle.
  • Water Adaptation: Being themed after an octopus, Doomwave could traverse in the waters with ease.


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  • Double-Bladed Baton: Doomwave carried a double-bladed baton for an aid in combat.
    • Double-Sided Paddle: Doomwave could use his baton as a double-sided paddle when using his lower body as a raft.
  • Tsunami Machine: Doomwave possessed a machine designed for creating giant tsunami and flooding Summer Cove should Madame Odius push the button.
  • Exploding Dumbbells: Doomwave possessed a series of exploding dumbbells that he could throw like bombs at his enemies.

Behind the Scenes


  • Doomwave was voiced by Adrian Smith, who gave him a similar voice to Redker (who he also voiced). The only difference between the performances was the post-production watery effect the producers added to his voice similar to the Aquitar Rangers.


  • Doomwave's design combined an octopus and a life raft.
    • Via his counterpart, Doomwave was based upon the Umibōzu from Japanese mythology. Little is known of the origin of the umibōzu but it is a sea-spirit and as such has multiple sightings throughout Japan. Normally, the umibōzu appears to sailors on calm seas which quickly turn tumultuous. It either breaks the ship on emergence or demands a bucket or barrel from the sailors and proceeds to drown them. The only safe way to escape an umibōzu is to give it a bottomless barrel and sail away while it is confused.


  • His name was a combination of doom and wave.


  • Doomwave's counterpart was created from a life raft which is why his legs transformed into one during the Zord fight.


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