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Doomtron Cockpit

Doomtron is an evil giant robot created by Frax, and his most powerful creation. Doomtron's energy comes from a Trizyrium Crystal, which is kept inside Frax when he is wired to Doomtron's systems, which allows him to command Doomtron through synchronization. Originally meant to be used for Frax's own schemes, upon his capture by Ransik, the mutant would have it be used in his final attack on the city.


Shortly before sending out Max Axe, Frax tested a human-sized Doomtron's synchronization, which was successful. Eventually, Doomtron was grown to giant size as Frax completed its construction. However, Frax's hiding place was found by Gluto, and was stormed by Ransik, to Frax's shock as he thought that Ransik had been destroyed by his Venomark ailment. Frax was then reprogrammed to obey the mutant, and once Doomtron was fully operational, Ransik had Frax board it and attack the city. Doomtron proved a hard robot to defeat, as he beat the Q-Rex Zord in battle and wreaked havoc across the city, opening large vortexes in the sky. Wes and Eric tried to fight an entire army of Cyclobots but there were too many and Doomtron shot them, crippling Eric. It went on a rampage until the Time Force Rangers (who Wes had sent back to 3001) joined in the fight in the Time Force Megazord Jet Mode, using Cyclone Defense to pick it up like a piece of paper and send it flying away from the city. Doomtron quickly recovered and returned, but the Rangers had since defeated the army of Cyclobots and the Megazord battled it, holding it off long enough for Wes to neutralise the Q-Rex's Trizyrium Crystal power source using the Quantum Defender. Wes then took command of the Q-Rex and had it fire on Doomtron with its massive laser blast. The blast destroyed Doomtron's crystal power source and caused it to explode, destroying Frax as well. The destruction of Doomtron led to the timeholes around Silver Hills closing, saving the city once and for all.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-Doomtron was strong enough to pick up and throw down the Q-Rex with amazing ease.
  • Durability-Doomtron proved completely immune to the Max Blizard attack and a chomp from the Q-Rex in it's default Dino mode as well as surviving a point blank range performance of it's finisher.
  • Expert Combatant-Being directly linked into Frax, it possesses all of his fighting capabilities and proved too much for the Megazords.
  • Timehole Creation-Doomtron's mere existence creates timeholes that are able to rip apart the city.
  • Laser Blasts-Doomtron can fire a barrage of red lasers from it's mouth capable of causing mass devastation in the city.
  • Energy Barrage-Doomtron's strongest attack where it fires it's mouth lasers, lightning blasts, a barrage of orange energy balls from it's stomach strong enough to wipe out the Q-Rex and take down as well as demorph five Rangers with one hit (since Eric dodged the blast).


  • Scythe Hands-Instead of humanoid hands, Doomtron has massive curved, serated blades instead to hack and slash it's enemies.
    • Lightning Blasts-Doomtron's scythe hands can also fire blue lightning from the tips.


  • In terms of threat posed to the Earth, Doomtron is probably the most powerful enemy in all of Power Rangers since his timeholes could literally have ripped the Earth apart and he proved to be nigh-unbeatable and it took intense scientific research to find Doomtron's weakness and destroy it for good.
    • The only enemy that posed a comparable threat was Dream Snatcher since the weeds his sleeping victims created were capable of rotting the Earth until it dies.

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