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"Think again Power Ranger! Your morphing days are over. Uh hu ha ha ha ha ha ha! We have some old friends who are dying to see you!"
―Doomstone's first words before snatching away Tommy's Morpher[src]

"Hey guys. Looks like we have a little of party crashers. Let’s show them how we have fun!"
―Doomstone when Billy and Kimberly crashed the party.[src]

"You’re taking all of the fun out of my celebration. Bring me Snizzard!"
―Doomstone after the defeat of the Invenusable Flytrap and summoning the Snizzard as well as his final line.[src]

Doomstone was a tombstone monster that was the secondary antagonist of the episode "Zedd's Monster Mash."

Character History

Doomstone serves Lord Zedd and resides in the Haunted Forest within another dimension where all of Zedd and Rita Repulsa's deceased monsters go in the afterlife. On Halloween, Lord Zedd is very happy to see a holiday that he can enjoy and asks Goldar for advice who suggests pulling a Frankenstein Monster-esque move by infiltrating the party with a monster. Zedd is less than impressed as he thought that they can have their own "party" and decides that it is a good time to take out Tommy and leave the Power Rangers so weak that a monster on the same power level as Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel can easily destroy them. Using some Putties disguised as children in Power Ranger uniforms, Goldar sends Tommy to the Haunted Forest with the Key Monster sealing the dimension shut. At that point, Doomstone reveales himself and the resurrected Pumpkin Rapper and the Robogoat grab Tommy when he tries to morph and Doomstone snatches away his Morpher before introducing his compatriots.

However, Tommy easily kicks both monsters down as well as Doomstone before running whilst the trio pursue him so he runs forth and kicks them both just to get grabbed by the Robogoat so that the Pumpkin Rapper can kick him. However, he is unfazed and pulls out the Robogoat's leg from under him before running up the trunk of a tree and back-flipping off just to kick them down though Doomstone then throws him away through the air. Billy and Kimberly quickly arrive to help Tommy but, with Jason, Zack and Trini off babysitting other children, they are on their own until they can drop off their kids at the Youth Center so that Alpha can notify them of the problem. Luckily, as Kimberly decks the Robogoat by front flipping multiple times and double kicked him in the chest, Billy kicks Doomstone and takes back Tommy's Morpher from the monster and gives it to Tommy who then morphs. With the odds heavily against him, Doomstone resurrects the Primator but he is so pathetic that he goes down with a single kick to the gut from Kimberly. He then immediately resurrects the Rhinoblaster, the Invenusable Flytrap and the Snizzard but the three Power Rangers are able to easily handle all the earlier defeated foes. Shortly after that, the remaining three Rangers arrive at which point Zedd makes the Pumpkin Rapper grow which automatically releases the Rangers somehow. Doomstone and the Haunted Forest's fate remain unclear though it likely remains in existence with Doomstone as its guardian to this day. Alternatively, Zordon's Energy Wave may have destroyed him four years later although that is unlikely since it didn't seem to reach outside of our normal dimension.


Doomstone was a cunning, sneaky, and manipulative monster who was shown to be very faithful to Lord Zedd. He happily aided his master with his plan to defeat the Power Rangers though he was very single minded as his sole tactic to more Rangers arriving was summoning dead monsters.

Powers and Abilities


  • Resurrection: Doomstone's signature power where he could bring past monsters back to life by pointing and summoning white-purple energy to manifest new physical forms for them.
    • Voice Changing: Doomstone's resurrection also tended to change the monster's voices to be very different than their original ones. The odd example of this was the Primator who sounded identical to Shellshock due to his voice actor being changed from Paul Schrier to Richard Epcar.


  • Strength: Doomstone possessed sufficient strength to snatch Tommy's Morpher one-handed as well as pick up and throw him by the back of his neck like a piece of paper.
  • Durability: Doomstone was kicked in the face by Tommy hard enough that he fell over fall but wasn’t hurt.
  • Depth Perception: Doomstone has depth perception despite having just a single eye.
  • Speech-Doomstone was able to speak despite lacking a mouth.


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  • Fists: Doomstone had no weapons of his own with which he was easily able to snatch Tommy's Morpher away from him as well as toss him around.

Behind the Scenes


  • Doomstone was voiced by Tom Wyner who gave him a stereotypical Transylvanian accent.


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Doomstone's Dairanger suit.

  • Although derived from Dairanger' no footage of Company President Gravestone was used.
    • This was because all of his footage (including two Zord fights and one against the Mega Tigerzord) involved Boss Kamikaze and Teacher Telephone who went completely unused. The former was due to a hachimaki on his head that would have seemed insensitive to victims of the kamikazes in WW2 and the latter was unusable due to being massively oversexualized.
      • In fact, had they not received the suit from Toei, Doomstone would likely not have been created at all for that reason and President Gravestone would have been skipped over like his compatriots.
  • The unclear status of Doomstone was the same in Dairanger as well since the group that he belonged to just vanished near the end of the series and never reappeared.
  • Company President Gravestone had a fake looking cross on his back whereas Doomstone did not. Assuming that it was not lost on route to the US, it was likely taken off due to religious imagery.
  • Doomstone shared his name with a playable character from the Skylanders video game series.
    • Unlike this Doomstone however, the Skylanders character had a space in his name and was heroic.
  • Doomstone was the first monster in the series who actually summoned previously defeated monsters with the second being the Terror Blossom who appeared two episodes after Doomstone.


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