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"How about we cut to the chase, Rangers?"
―Doomsnake's only words to the Dino Fury Rangers.[src]

―Doomsnake's final words before turning back into a Sporix egg.[src]

Doomsnake was a basilisk-themed Sporix Beast and the seventh or eighth Sporix Beast from the Sporix Army to awaken.

Character History


Over 65 million years ago, Doomsnake and the other Sporix Beasts invaded Rafkon, the home planet of Zayto. Though he and his fellow Knights of Rafkon fought hard, the Sporix ravaged Rafkon and removed all traces of life from the planet. The Sporix then turned their attention to Earth but Zayto and the remaining Knights had managed to escape Rafkon and tracked the Sporix Beasts to Earth where they engaged them in battle with the help of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Despite the Knights initially having the upper-hand against the Sporix, most of them grew enough in power over time to grow giant and force the Knights of Rafkon and thier dinosaur allies to retreat. When all seemed lost however, the Morphin Masters arrived and bestowed the Morphin Grid's powers to Zayto and his followers, as the first Ancient Dino Fury Rangers which gave them the advantage they need to defeat the Sporix Beasts and seal them inside of their eggs.

Dino Fury

When the Sporix are accidentally released in the modern day during Void Knight's invasion of Dinohenge, Doomsnake's egg is amongst the Sporix that escape. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

Sometime after he escaped, Doomsnake hatches off-screen and allies with Void Knight who uses him as a sacrifice to battle the Dino Fury Rangers for his plan. Off-screen, he encounters them and grows giant which leads us to him appearing already giant sized and fighting against the Dino Fury Megazord Blade Formation. Although Doomsnake lands a powerful slash at the Megazord, the Rangers defeat him with the Mega Slash, reverting him back into a Sporix Cell. However, it seems that his appearance was all but a distraction for the Rangers as Void Knight orders Wolfgang to unleash his sonic howl at the Megazord, completely dismantling it. Afterwards, Void Knight has Mucus pick up Doomsnake's Sporix Cell to which she does and overhears Mick Kanic talking about the Nexus Prism before teleporting away. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Unexpected Guest


It would seem Doomsnake was a brute who wanted to "cut to the chase" before the Rangers destroyed him. Due to him appearing for a short time, he had the least amount of a personality shown unlike the other Sporix Beasts before him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enlarging: Doomsnake could enlarge himself through the energy he gained in battle over time.
  • Laser Vision: As seen in the flashback of the Great Sporix Wars, Doomsnake could fire red-orange energy lasers from his eyes.


  • Doomsnake had no abilities.


  • Little Durability: Doomsnake wasn't that much durable as he was easily beaten by the Dino Fury Megazord Blade Formation.


  • Claws: Despite lacking weapons, Doomsnake could fight with his clawed hands.
    • Energy Empowerment: Doomsnake could charge up his claws with purple energy to deliver a devastating energized slash.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Doomsnake was the first Sporix Beast to be grabbed by fellow Sporix Beast Mucus and the first Sporix Beast not to be a major enemy in the episode as he was destroyed rather quickly, having only about 30 seconds of footage.

Doomsnake Original footage.PNG

  • Doomsnake's Megazord fight was partially original. His Megazord fight footage was spliced with Ryusoulger episode 9's Megazord fight as his Sentai counterpart never grew giant and was destroyed very quickly.
    • Doomsnake was used to rectify a detail in Ryusoulger; the Dino Fury Megazord Blade Formation's counterpart did not debut until after the destruction of Boomtower's Sentai counterpart which would not make much sense as Boomtower was defeated by the Megazord combining all Zords and given they show formations like the Dino Fury Megazord Spike and Claw Formations beforehand, it wouldn't make sense to show the Blade and Hammer Formations as being preestablished when they weren't as they debuted much later. Due to Dino Fury's story needing to showcase this formation before they did the Warrior Formation to make it believable all four formations combined into one, they spliced some footage that involved this formation to accomplish the original Zord fight.


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