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"Of course I do. I'm a big fan."
―Donkeyvac´s first words upon confronting Kylee and being asked if he knew who she was.[src]
"Oh, my nose!"
―Donkeyvac after getting his nose clogged up by Kira's tennis balls and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
"Ouch - not the nose!"
―Donkeyvac upon being bitten on the nose by the Tyrannozord and his final words before his death.[src]

Donkeyvac is a vacuum/donkey themed monster who was a combination of the DNA of Donkey, a pomegranate fruit, and a vacuum. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Diva in Distress".


Donkeyvac was created by Mesogog. Mesogog sent Donkeyvac to steal the youth of people of Reefside, to Mesogog can turn it into energy. Donkeyvac attacked Reefside with army of Tyrannodrones and stole the youth of popular pop star Kylee Styles, friend of Kira. Kira couldn't stop him. Donkeyvac stole the youth of numerous people of Reefside, including Cassidy and Devin. He encountered the rangers. While Conner and Ethan fought Donkeyvac, Tommy was attacked by Zeltrax. Conner and Ethan fought the monster. Than Kira arrived and attacked him with her scream. Rangers were hard to battle the monster due to his strength and explosive pomegranates. But Kira shut Donkeyvac's nose with tennis balls. Donkeyvac was destroyed from Z-Rex Blaster. Mesogog revived and enlarged monster. In the giant fight Donkeyvac sucked energy of Megazord and shoot him with his blasts. But he was finally destroyed by Dino Drill.


Donkeyvac is cunning and sneaky monster. He enjoys his work absorbing youth of people and fighting the rangers. He is also very arrogant and confident (just like many other monsters). He underestimated the rangers and it caused his defeat. But he is loyal to Mesogog.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength:A single thrust from both of his hands knocked Ethan flat on the floor and a sweep of his fist took down Conner and a single swipe sent all three Dino Rangers flying.
  • Durability-Whilst not as powerful as his successors, or even his predecessors, Donkeyvac can take some very strong hits without being affected. He shrugged off multiple hits from the Thundermax Blasters and a direct hit Kira's Sonic Shriek barely fazed him.
  • Teleportation-Donkeyvac can summon a green portal above him and go into it to transport to any location at will.
  • Expert Fighter-Donkeyvac is extremely good at unarmed combat, being able to easily overpower all four Rangers.
  • Explosive Pomegranates: Donkeyvac shoots these pomegranates through his nose, which explode upon contact with his enemies. This was his strongest attack as it easily took down Conner and Ethan and badly shook up the Thundersaurus Megazord.


  • Suction Cup Hands-Donkeyvac lacks weapons, but has suction cups for hands that have two main abilities. They are also powerful enough to block Conner, Ethan, and Kira's Thundermax Sabres simaltaniously.
    • Youth Absorbtion: Combined with a vacuum, Donkeyvac can fire blue energy from his suction cup hands. This move steals the youth which it will convert the humans into elders.
    • Super Suction: Combined with a vacuum, Donkeyvac can sucks his enemies by firing blue energy from his hands which becomes red very quickly. The red energy would suck the enemy towards him so he could electrocute anything when his enemies is near of the monster. This was powerful enough to draw in the Thundersaurus Megazord.

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