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"I don't remember. I can't recall every time I've done something like that. So I'm finished....Lila....I wanted to see your face one more time....Do you know you look just like my mother?"
―Don Dolnero's final words before his death

Prisoner #35273, Don Dolnero (ドン・ドルネロ Don Dorunero, 1-47): A blue whale-themed mafioso godfather who is only in it for the money, though he also comes with a firm love for the family. Original leader of the mafia group, the Londerz Family (ドルネロズファミリ Dorunero Famirī). He was to be put under imprisonment for 1,000 years, as Prisoner #35273, until his gang (Lila and Gien) took over the prison and managed to go back in time to pull off numerous crimes. Resembles an overweight middle-aged mafioso in human form. With Borg's help, he took over a company to make even more money, setting up a "protection business". He cares for his associates, especially Gien, whose mental stability often concerns him.

When Gien released Emboss, Dolnero provided his blood to the Timerangers so the City Guardians could make the vaccine before he shut down Gien with a special attachment to stop him from going too far in his psychotic delights. Once the attachment was removed and destroyed, Dolnero evacuated the Londers Prison before going out to kill Gien, who was a totally insane robot by that time. Dolnero was unable to carry out the deed, only to be killed himself. In his final moments, he gave the Timerangers the remaining Londers Prisoners he had in the Londers Prison.

His name is a pun on the word, dinheiro, which means "money" in Portuguese, the word ​dinero, which means money in Spanish as well as the US, Australia and Singapore currency, Dollar.

Dolnero's Human Disguise

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