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Don 17: Light and Tsubasa (ひかりとつばさ Hikari to Tsubasa) is the seventeenth episode of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. It features the debut of the Ninninger Avataro and Alter Gears, Ninninger Alter and Don Ninnin Doragoku Alter. Don Murasame makes a brief appearance at the end of this episode, and it features the debut of Noto's AI, Mother, ahead of Don Murasame's first appearance.


Tsubasa Inuzuka, who has been on the run for keeping a secret, promised to his beloved Natsumi to meet her again after a year. But before said meeting, Tsubasa sees a man who is about to jump off a building. By transforming into Inu Brother and saving him, his true identity is revealed to Sononi. Wanting to know more about human love, Sononi offers Tsubasa a bet. She asks Tsubasa if he can turn the darkness into light of said heartbroken man because of love to prevent him from becoming a Hitotsuki.


Tsubasa is on a rooftop, wondering why Natsumi did not recognize him when he encountered Miho a few weeks ago. He thinks maybe his lover has amnesia…or perhaps he really did mistake someone else with an identical appearance as Natsumi. He thinks regardless of what it is, his year of silence is finally ending today. He remembers a year ago reaching out for Natsumi as she was sucked into a black void and vanished. He kept his promise not to reveal the details of that day to anyone and he will reunite with his beloved.

Tsubasa then sees a teenage boy attempting to commit suicide on the same roof and quickly becomes Inu Brother to save him, unaware that Sononi was walking nearby and witnessed him transforming. The very second the boy is saved, Sononi in her transformed state opens fire on Tsubasa in an effort to terminate him.

When that fails. she reverts back to human form and Tsubasa demorphs upon recognizing her as the odd woman who flirted with him from before and had questions about love. Sononi is surprised he remembers her and that he is actually “Don Momotaro’s hound”. She claims to have learned since they last met that love is potentially evil as it warps people into greed and desire, which festers into hatred and conflict, asking if she is correct in this assumption. Tsubasa isn’t interested in lengthy debating about love as it would be embarrassing for him, but believes that love is good and the light that humans need in order to move forward. Sononi asks how what he just said wasn’t embarrassing.

They then overhear the boy crying out for “Kana”, Sononi sees that a Hitotsuki is almost ready to emerge from his mind door. She smiles wickedly and asks Tsubasa if he would like to make a bet, to prove which is correct about love being a force of good or evil, Tsubasa must try to prevent the boy from turning into a Hitotsuki…

Later, Tsubasa interacts with the boy, learning his name is Makoto Tanabe and he wanted to kill himself because his girlfriend Kanako dumped him and life has been meaningless without her. Tsubasa is a bit annoyed the kid would throw his life away over something so simple and he is sacrificing his day to see Natsumi again, but if she was here, she would want to encourage him to do the right thing and help Makoto. He puts his hand on Makoto’s shoulder, saying he has experienced heartbreak too and it is not the end of the world. Makoto doesn’t believe him, as someone who looks so cool would be popular with women. Tsubasa says that the best way a man eases his heartbreak is through their stomachs, eating to one’s content with a good meal..

He accompanies Makoto to his apartment and cooks him spaghetti alle vongole in bianco and pork loin with apple sauce. Makoto is amazed at Tsubasa’s cooking skills and enjoys his meal. After finishing, Makoto confides to Tsubasa that the reason Kanako dumped him was because both of them were attacked by a monster and rather than stay with Kanako, he got really scared and ran away, leaving her behind. Ever since that day, Kanako has been really cold towards him and claiming she loves someone else. Tsubasa believes if that is the case, Makoto needs to redeem himself by showing his bravery to win Kanako back. Tsubasa has a friend skilled in theatrical makeup and has a plan..

Makoto meets up with Kanako, pretending he wants to discuss something important, remembering Tsubasa’s plan. Tsubasa will disguise himself as a monster and pretend to attack Kanako, Makoto will be her hero and save her by “defeating” Tsubasa and looking brave in her eyes.

As Tsubasa hides in the bushes in full costume, ready to execute the plan, Jiro is nearby and unaware that the “weird person” is Tsubasa. The latter recognizes Jiro from the dog food incident and is annoyed he showed up. Jiro fights him even though he isn’t a Hitotsuki for looking “way too suspicious” and judo tosses Tsubasa to the ground, who is nearly KO’d as he hits the pavement. Makoto sees Tsubasa lying on the ground as Jiro leaves and goes to check on him. Kanako thinks Makoto is ditching her again and leaves. Makoto helps Tsubasa up and carries him over to a place to sit down. Tsubasa apologizes for leaving him hanging, but a “random accident” occurred. Makoto feels he is the one who should apologize as he doesn’t want Tsubasa to get hurt for his sake. Tsubasa thinks Makoto may have to give up on Kanako and move on. Makoto at first doesn’t want to give up, but sees Miho and is infatuated with her beauty and Tsubasa chases after her believing it is Natsumi.

Tsuyoshi is waiting on his wife, who is in a floral shop. Kanako passes by, with Tsuyoshi thinking she is lovely but not as much as Miho is. Tsubasa startles him, still wearing his villain costume and Tsuyoshi directs him to where Kanako went, thinking the girl is Natsumi. Tsubasa just misses Miho leaving the floral shop with Tsuyoshi as he pursues.

Still dressed in his villain costume, Tsubasa manages to terrify surrounding civilians as he sprints down the road and the hot costume compounded with his desire to find Natsumi causes him to start hallucinating that everyone had her face. He staggers backwards and almost gets hit by a car, with Tsuyoshi pulling him out of the street.

Tsubasa takes off the costume and makeup and upon being asked, he finally reveals why he is a fugitive and what happened to Natsumi. One year ago, Tsubasa was an actor in a theatre troupe with Natsumi and after a big performance, the group went on a vacation retreat to a cabin in the woods. They were attacked by the Juto, who manipulated paper cranes to enter the mouths of the troupe members with the exception of Tsubasa who woke up and crushed his before it could enter his mouth.

He witnessed the paper crane entering Natsumi’s mouth and tried to wake her up, only for her body to become possessed. A large dark shadow appears and says that the human female is “compatible”, taking Natsumi away by sucking her into a portal. She regains consciousness briefly, pleading for Tsubasa to save her as he tries to grab her hand as she falls into the void. The large shadow binds Tsubasa in his arms to prevent a rescue, making a deal with him, if he keeps quiet about the events that transpired here for one year then he will be able to see Natsumi again. The shadow vanishes, Tsubasa was knocked out and the rest of his theater troupe are still comatose due to ingesting the paper cranes. Unable to explain the situation, Tsubasa was suspected of being behind the troupe’s current medical condition and the disappearance of Natsumi and is hunted by the police. Tsuyoshi thinks to himself that the Noto were possibly behind the abduction of Natsumi. All Tsubasa wants is to see his love again, this reminds Tsuyoshi that he left Miho behind and he excuses himself to race back home to her.

Sononi overheard Tsubasa’s story and approaches, warning him that if his story is true, then his love will only bring him pain. Tsubasa wonders what she means by that but she replies he will find out soon enough. Makoto is enthralled by Sononi’s beauty and follows her as she leaves despite Tsubasa’s objections out of concern for his safety. Tsubasa follows the two to a restaurant as an unseen observer. Makoto tries to apologize for following her, but is unaware she is manipulating him to draw out his Hitotsuki by using his desire for love to lead him astray. She is surprised when Makoto snaps out of it, reaffirming his devotion to Kanako and leaves her. Tsubasa is proud of Makoto for being able to resist Sononi’s charms.

Makoto and Kanako meet up again, with the former confessing his feelings to her and how he is willing to try again with their relationship as Tsubasa observes from afar. But Kanako shocks the both of them by revealing that she fell madly in love with Tsubasa after rescuing her from Chikyuuki, to the point she has images of his wanted poster on her bedsheets, pillow and bedroom wallpaper. Makoto learns that Tsubasa is a criminal and things only get worse for the latter as Sonoza shows up, wanting to know if he is able to cry correctly before learning from Sononi his identity as a Donbrother and attacking him. Tsubasa is forced to transform in front of the two lovers, with Kanako in shock that her Prince Charming is actually a dog and she gets upset. Her desire for a fantasy boyfriend overwhelmingly consumes her and her refusal to accept reality results in her becoming a Hitotsuki instead of Makoto, changing into Choujinki.

Jiro appears as Don Ninnin Doragoku Alter

Tsubasa tries to save Kanako before she hurts civilians but Sonoza keeps him at bay. Taro, Shinichi and Haruka teleport in, with Taro for some reason riding on top of the two’s shoulders before they throw him off yelling they are not his throne and this isn’t the time for theatrics. All three change and assist Tsubasa, with Shinichi taking on Sonoza while Haruka battles Sononi. Choujinki proves difficult for the remaining trio of Rangers, with her flight ability outclassing Tsuyoshi’s as she effortlessly knocks him out of the sky and does a bombing run on the earthbound Don Momotaro and Inu Brother. Don Doragoku arrives in Alter form, utilizing the Ninninger Avataro Gear offscreen to knock Choujinki out of the air with a barrage of shuriken and swiftly attacks by combining with the Ninninger Alter. He returns to his body and teleports to where the Donbrothers are fighting, stating that the team does need him after all. Sonoza throws his spear at him, having taken Shinichi hostage. Jiro uses his new DragonRanger Avataro Gear to save him, disorienting Sonoza and fighting him with the Zyusouken. While in the form of Dragon Ranger, Jiro comments he feels like an older brother. Don Momotaro has no idea what that even means, ordering the team to finish off Choujinki with the Robotaro forms while Jiro fends off Sononi and Sonoza. Choujinki becomes Choujinking, who while having an initial advantage over Don Onitaijin with its superior flight speed, is knocked out of the air by a well timed jump kick and is purified by the Donbros Paradise.

A few days later, Tsubasa sees Makoto and Kanako have reconciled their relationship, wearing matching shirts and discussing where they would like to go to eat lunch. The two pass by Tsubasa without noticing him, which he feels is for the best. He wishes Makoto luck and silently walks away.

Deep within the dark lower bowels of Ideon, an A.I.’s voice can be heard calling for “Murasame” to awaken. A stream of pixels flow into a stasis tube, forming a purple Ranger that floats inside it, who slowly wakes up…


Guest Cast

  • Kanako (加奈子)/Choujinki (鳥人鬼 Chōjinki): Yuka Kohinata (小日向ゆか Kohinata Yuka)
  • Makoto Tanabe (田辺誠 Tanabe Makoto): Yuya Hirata (平田雄也 Hirata Yūya)[2]

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Avataro Gears

Avatar Changes


  • The Zyusouken is shown to have the ability to make villains disoriented when played in Flute Mode. This was not one of its original abilities in Zyuranger. It seems that this aspect was taken from its appearance in Akibaranger by mistake, where Nobuo Akagi used a toy version to free the Zyurangers from alterations in their memories as “Powerful Rangers”.
  • The scene where Tsubasa is running in his costume amongst a crowd was filmed during the start of a period of light rainfall, yet the crew kept filming and a later scene where the van nearly hits Tsubasa it is now suddenly clear and sunny out.


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider ReviceIcon-crosswiki.png episode 41, Father's True Intention, Son's Determination!Icon-crosswiki.png
  • Donbrothers sunglasses featured in title card: Black
  • Count at episode end
    • Gears in the Donbrothers' possession: Zenkaiger, Ryusoulger, ToQger, Lupinranger, Ohranger, Patranger, Zyuohger, Fiveman, Kiramager, Go-Busters, Gokaiger, Ninninger, Kyuranger, Kyoryuger, Turboranger, Carranger, Zyuranger, Jetman
  • The episode is connected to previous events, as the couple in this episode were previously attacked by Chikyuuki from the seventh episode and rescued by Tsubasa.
  • As the head writer of Jetman, Toshiki Inoue placed some drama story elements of the show into this episode such as a love triangle and a lost lover who is somehow involved with the villains.
  • During his time as DragonRanger, Jiro comments that he “feels like an older brother”, a reference to the original bearer of the DragonRanger powers, Burai, being the older sibling of Geki.

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