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Don 13: Goodbye Taro (さよならタロウ Sayonara Tarō) is the thirteenth episode of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers.


The Donbrothers, who now all know each other more often, decided to get together and discuss how to fight for their respective futures. Taro Momoi thinks that they should defeat the leader of the Noto first. On the other hand, Sonoi and the other Noto learn more about the Donbrothers, it seems like there is a connection between Don Momotaro and the Noto.

Fed up with Taro's behavior, the other Donbrothers decide to fight the Hitotsuki without following his orders. Later, Taro and Sonoi learned each other's true identities and decided to have a duel.


Four of the Donbrothers are gathered at Cafe Donbura, though Taro wonders what this is about. Shinichi suggested that they meet because now, aside from Inu Brother, they all know each other’s identities. Thus, he feels team meetings and discussion can build trust amongst themselves.

Haruka wonders why Kaito isn’t joining the meeting since he is a superhero too and he still has not answered her questions about being Zenkaizer Black. Kaito dodges Haruka’s inquiry by pointing out that they still do not know who Inu Brother is. Haruka wonders if their ally is an actual dog, which Shinichi finds strange as dogs cannot talk. She insists that Inu Brother may be a talking dog.

Shinichi awkwardly changes the subject and decides to take the meeting back to its original focus: a full review of what they know so far about their mission; defeating the Noto and the Hitotsuki and how Hitotsuki are forming. Taro thinks to himself that the best course of action is to defeat the armored leader of the Noto, unaware he is Sonoi.

A customer named Fusako nearby cries out in pain as her warmed cloth napkin is too hot, complaining to Kaito about it. He silently directs Haruka to assist the customer and she apologizes for the trouble, offering her coffee to be on the house rather than pay for it. Fusako doesn’t want that and overdramatizes that her late husband loved her beautiful hands and now they are ruined, how can the cost of a single cup of coffee compensate for what they have done to her?

Kaito intervenes by kneeling and kissing Fusako’s hand, which somehow heals the burns instantly. Haruka is impressed with her boss and his otherworldly abilities. Fusako is happy and flirts with Kaito, asking for a bottle of Dom Perignon. Kaito obliges with her request, but Haruka is surprised something like that is served at the cafe.

Later, with Fusako gone, Shinichi reconvenes the meeting by asking Taro to issue a statement as leader of the team. Taro thinks that there is a bigger problem to address before that, all three of the teammates present need to fix their own problems first. Haruka lacks focus, Tsuyoshi lacks confidence and Shinichi is, from Taro’s perspective, an arrogant narcissist. Shinichi immediately is offended by this appraisal of his character, calling Taro rude and both he and Haruka disapprove of his harsh methods and cite the value of positive reinforcement. Tsuyoshi agrees that praise can be a good motivation to do better. Taro reluctantly tries to attempt praising them all, but because it is founded upon a lie, he cannot say it and dies again. Tsuyoshi does the honors of checking his pulse to confirm Taro’s truth telling malady has stopped his heart again.

On a rooftop overlooking Mount Fujiyama in the distance, Sonoi tries to create art of the beautiful scenery with a charcoal pencil and sketchbook. However, he hesitates and cannot be inspired to draw. He feels it is no use since he cannot replicate what humans can create in art as he is a perfect being and cannot convey the desire to create, which derives from humanity’s imperfections. A pigeon lands on the roof near him, eyes glowing as if it was possessed.

In a restaurant, Sononi is enjoying tea until a young man makes unwanted advances at her, getting punched in the face and knocked out for bothering her. As she prepares to leave, she sees a clownfish with the same possessed eyes in a fish tank.

Sonoza is out in a park area once again observing humans and attempting to emulate different laughs he hears and witnesses, which unnerves some people in the park. He sees a woman with her dog on a park bench, the dog’s eyes glow and a telepathic voice from the Noto council comes through all three animals. The Council says their investigation of the Donbrothers has revealed the identity of their leader as the last surviving heir of their hated enemy, the deposed Don Clan royal family. He is now Don Momotaro and was saved before the Don Clan’s destruction by being sent to the human realm on Earth as a baby.

This news enrages the Noto generals, Sonoza thought their kind wiped out the entire Clan. Sonoi remembers that their realm Ideon was in a war with the Don Clan, who wanted to defy what the Noto were doing by establishing peace with the humans, the conflict nearly brought total ruin to Ideon. He thinks that the severity of the crimes that they committed for such a folly should not go unpunished. If a survivor of the Don Clan exists then it is their duty to kill him…

Tsubasa has a memory in the form of a dream about Natsumi when they were dating. Natsumi tells her lover while cutting his hair that she wanted to be a beautician in her home town, but had to give it up due to her tendinitis. Tsubasa believes that if she did go back home, they never would have found each other and fell in love. He compliments her on his haircut and says he looks good enough to be her man. Natsumi teases that Tsubasa must say that to all the pretty girls.

He is awakened by a hair stylist, who finished his haircut. Fusako is next to him, laughing and teasing about how he looked while asleep and gets nosy about his romantic life, suspecting he was dreaming about a girl and begins to agitate him but Tsubasa calms down and then leaves after paying at the front counter. He just misses Miho Kijino walking in to work, her boss apologizes for calling her in on her day off but one of the employees called off due to their bad shoulder acting up. Miho says she doesn’t mind as she loves her job.

Fusako is at a department store grabbing clothes off the rack and even swiping them from other shoppers, gloating about her spoils to the angry women trying to shop, who try to take back their clothing from her. They call Fusako a nuisance and all chant aggressively for her to get out of the store, taking back what they wanted to buy. Fusako calls them all stupid, immaturely sticks her tongue out and leaves. The women chant for her to leave as she exits. On a bench, Fusako admits she has been lonely ever since her husband died and her son ran away from home, she can’t seem to find anyone to talk to as she is either pushed away or ignored. This feeling of loneliness and desire for companionship festers into anger as a Hitotsuki aura begins to envelop her.

A woman has her purse stolen by a man in a black hat, the thief then runs into Sonoi, who swiftly beats down the thief and tells him to repent while he still lives. The thief runs away without the purse and Sonoi is surprised to see Taro nearby making deliveries.

The two go to a rooftop and talk, with Sonoi noticing that Taro seems troubled again. He asks if his inability to lie is causing problems again. Taro has a flashback to earlier when he revived from his failure to praise his teammates. Shinichi is unsettled by Taro’s strange ailment, saying it is not worth forcing Taro to lie and hurt him just to get praise. His alternative solution is to make Taro realize how much he needs them by boycotting any assistance to him and the three of them refusing to transform. Tsuyoshi thinks this is a bad idea as the Donbrothers are stronger together. Shinichi does agree but feels that this is necessary for Taro to trust them and understand that they want to be treated with respect and to be appreciated. This will hopefully benefit the team long term.

Taro confides to Sonoi that he is having a hard time with the “beautiful lies” they discussed about earlier. Sonoi thinks Taro is just fine the way he is, confessing that something about his honesty puts him at ease. If more people were like Taro, he wouldn’t worry so much. He then asks Taro an odd question: Is there an enemy that you want to defeat?

Taro answers yes, someone is out there that makes his instincts yearn to go after him. Sonoi says he feels the same. Taro offers to take Sonoi somewhere good to eat if both of them defeat their foes, suggesting udon as it is great to enjoy during summer. Sonoi has never heard of such a thing, which Taro finds odd but promises to teach him about it. Sonoi likes the idea and agrees, looking forward to it. Taro begins heading back to work, with Sonoi hoping things work out for the better on his problems.

Fusako, now Zyudenki, goes on a rampage and demanding people pay attention to her. Taro’s DonBlaster appears at the bottom of the steps to teleport him. Zyudenki releases bursts of electricity as she samba dances and chases scared civilians, yearning for someone to end her loneliness. Don Momotaro then appears to fight her.

The trio of Shinichi, Haruka and Tsuyoshi exit Cafe Donbura, with Tsuyoshi still not entirely on board with the idea of leaving Taro all by himself. Shinichi believes it is for his own good and as their DonBlasters appear, they remove their respective Gears to opt out of transforming.

Don Momotaro fights Zyudenki, only to be attacked by Sonoi in his armored form. Sonoi vows to kill the last of the Don Clan, calling him a traitor to the Noto. Don Momotaro vows to destroy Sonoi, as he puts little value on human lives and thus has to be stopped. The two trade blows harder and harder with their blades until a shockwave of their colliding attacks knock both out of their transformed states. The two get up and are shocked at each other’s true identities. Both are disappointed at this turn of events, with the two realizing that they cannot keep the promise they made to eat udon together or be friends. Taro asks for Sonoi’s name, which he gives, Taro tells him it is a shame it has to be like this. Sonoi feels the same way, but knowing Taro cannot lie, asks him for one last thing…

Zyudenki is screaming for someone to notice her, with Don Momotaro returning to battle by falling from the rooftop and striking the Hitotsuki with his ZanglaSword. Inu Brother teleports in, but asks Don Momotaro where everyone is, he is nearly shot by Sononi after his leader briefly explains the boycott situation. Sononi and Sonoza attack the “Don Clan survivor” and Inu Brother tries to fight Zyudenki on his own with little success.

Tsuyoshi, Shinichi and Haruka spectate from the sidelines, though Tsuyoshi in good conscience still feels that this is a terrible idea upon seeing Taro being overwhelmed. Shinichi says they have to hold firm in their boycott as it will teach Taro the value of humility. Shinichi then recites a haiku about falling petals and braided hair. But only a few seconds in, they realize how bad things are going as Taro is pinned down and Tsubasa is getting zapped by Zyudenki. Not wanting to sit idle and watch them potentially die, Shinichi gives up the boycott and the three Avatar Change to rescue Taro, Saru Brother blocks an oncoming attack from the two generals and Don Momotaro uses the Decisive Peach Slash technique to drive Sononi and Sonoza into retreating.

Shinichi tries to get Taro to admit he needs all of them, but he doesn’t, Taro tells them all to try not getting in his way while laughing and now labels them as his “fools” rather than “companions”, much to their chagrin. They change into their Robotaro forms and finish off Zyudenki, who becomes Zyudenking. The team form Don Onitaijin and find her hard to hit when she dances, but Tsuyoshi uses the Pheasant Missiles along with Haruka’s Oni Kick to knock Zyudenking down and stun her long enough to execute the Donbros Paradise, purifying Fusako back to normal, who has no memory of how she ended up on the ground. The team celebrate another victory, but Taro staggers a bit and then Sononi suddenly dives down and mortally wounds the Red Ranger with his sword. He only utters a single sentence:

”Your honesty has cost you….Don Momotaro.”

A flashback reveals that Sonoi manipulated Taro’s inability to lie by asking one question: What is your weakness?

Unable to resist, Taro reveals that Don Onitaijin causes a power drain on his body, leaving him vulnerable for a few moments after a battle ends.

Sonoi calls Taro his “despair”, pushing him back and leaving as Taro demorphs, collapses and then dissolves away. The other Donbrothers watch in horror as they seemingly witnessed the "death" of their leader, with Haruka screaming Taro’s name as the episode ends.


Guest Cast

  • Fusako (房子)/Zyudenki (獣電鬼 Jūdenki): Fukiko Hara (原扶貴子 Hara Fukiko)
  • Customer: Kaori Takeshita (竹下かおり Takeshita Kaori), Umi Umiguchi (うみぐちうみ Umiguchi Umi)
  • Man: Junpei Mitsui (三井淳平 Mitsui Junpei)

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Avataro Gears

Avatar Changes


  • to be added


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider ReviceIcon-crosswiki.png episode 37, Inevitable Fierce Battle! The Decisive Demon Recapturing Mission!Icon-crosswiki.png
  • Donbrothers sunglasses featured in title card: Red
  • Count at episode end
    • Gears in the Donbrothers' possession: Zenkaiger, Ryusoulger, ToQger, Lupinranger, Ohranger, Patranger, Zyuohger, Fiveman, Kiramager, Go-Busters, Gokaiger, Ninninger, Kyuranger, Kyoryuger
  • The preview for this episode was leaked five days before the airdate of episode 12.[1]
  • The date shown on the calendar in Cafe Donbura when the four Donbrothers have a meeting there is Friday, May 27th, two days before the episode's airdate.
  • Stock audio of the Gaburivolver’s samba music can be heard as Zyudenki dances. At one point she even does parts of the transformation dance of the Kyoryugers.
  • This is the first episode to not have the Anoni make an appearance in it.
  • As of this episode, the Donbrothers had defeated all of the Hitotsuki that are themed after the Senpaigers who had appeared in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger VS Kiramager VS Senpaiger (Excluding Zenkaizer) as well as also having all of the Avataro Gears that correspond to each and every one of the Senpaigers themselves.

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