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Don 12: The Moon Is Lying (つきはウソつき Tsuki wa Usotsuki) is the twelfth episode of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. It features the debut of Don Onitaijin.


Kirara Kira, an aspiring idol, begins working part time at Donbura, when an obsessed fan turns into a Hitotsuki and attacks her. Meanwhile, a worried Taro has another meeting with Sonoi, who provides him with some advice.


Tsuyoshi briefly recaps last episode, telling the audience that the Donbrothers have powered up thanks to their Robotaro forms. He also notes that Miho has been acting strange but is unaware of why that is..

A flashback to a park shows a little girl named Kirara playing on the swings and being pushed by her grandpa. He says she is the cutest little girl in the world. Kilala asks if she is cute enough to be an idol. Her grandpa says she can be, encouraging her to follow her dreams and that she can be anything she wants when she grows up if she works hard.

Back in the present at Cafe Donbura, Haruka once again confronts Kaito about being Zenkaizer Black and demands an explanation. Once again, Kaito avoids the question by asking Haruka to do something important; help the new employee learn about waitressing. A girl named Kilala Kila introduces herself, then asks in a cutesy voice if she can wear the outfit she has on because the work uniform is too tight around her bustline. Kaito thinks Kilala went into Haruka’s locker and took out her uniform by mistake. Kilala is amazed and jealous how “thin” her senior coworker is, this makes Haruka instantly dislike Kilala and she gets even more annoyed by how customers fawn over her as the day goes on.

Kilala talks with the customers about how she is making her debut as an idol soon, with the patrons declaring that they will be her fans and cheer her on. Haruka gets angry at all the attention Kilala is getting and snaps her serving tray in a fit of rage. Kaito points this out, but gets too scared to say anything else when Haruka shifts her anger towards him.

At Shirokuma Express, Taro’s coworker Kiriyama is talking about his mother coming to visit him during her business trip to Tokyo. He plans on buying his mom lunch and then dropping her off at the bus station. The other coworkers point out that Kiriyama said he doesn’t get along with his parents. Kiriyama starts to explain, only to see a bowl with rare melon rice crackers inside. He knows that they are his mother’s favorite snack and hard to get in stores, so he stuffs them in his fanny pack for later.

The owner of Shirokuma Express walks in and after greeting his employees, he notices that the melon crackers are all gone and gets upset as those are difficult to get. He demands to know who took them all and asks Taro since he cannot lie. Taro is silent for a second as Kiriyama begs him not to mention he did it. Unfortunately for Kiriyama, Taro points to him and he is yelled at by the owner.

His coworkers berate his honesty outside, but Taro thinks he did the right thing by telling the truth. They inform that because Taro didn’t cover for Kiriyama, he will miss his mother’s visit as now Kiriyama will be cleaning the office top-to-bottom for a week. Both of them think Taro should not come in to work tomorrow, if he does, they will quit their jobs. Taro is confused and unsure of what he should do.

Taro is called to Haruka’s apartment, who asks him to fill in for her at the Cafe. Taro asks why, to which she says that the Cafe Donbura she loves has gone away. In order to make it worth his while, she gives him her special beef stroganoff for dinner. Yuriko is happy to eat her niece’s specialty as well. Haruka asks how her stroganoff is, with Taro giving it 25 points out of 100. Angry, Haruka takes his food away and tells him not to even bother helping her.

The next day, Taro decides to help Haruka anyway. Entering Cafe Donbura, he notices an excited crowd surrounding Kilala, who is singing to them her song Kilala Smile. One of her fans asks if she is really the younger sister of pop idol Karin from Black Sugar. She says she is, both of them were scouted by an agency in Harajuku and her older sister debuted as a performer first. Her fans are impressed with her story.

Kaito introduces Kilala to Taro, saying he will work with her for today. Kilala tries her cute routine but Taro is unfazed and asks why she isn’t in her work uniform. She gives the same explanation, that it is tight around her bust, only for Taro to insist she remove the fake padding in her dress so the uniform fits. Kilala almost loses her cute demeanor and grinds her teeth in anger at the nerve of Taro humiliating her like that.

At a messy apartment somewhere in the city, a hikikomori idol otaku is adoring an idol named “Ms. Cola” Shizuka singing on TV for a cola commercial. He declares that she will belong to him and no one else will ever take her, glowing in an aura of a Hitotsuki with a constellation pattern.

Back at Cafe Donbura, the four Donbrothers meet as Tsubasa wanted to talk and thank them all for taking care of him when he was sick. Unfortunately for Tsubasa, he can’t even get inside as the police immediately spot him and he has to jump over the fence to evade capture. The pursuing officer just missed him and is followed by “Detective Sayama”. When they inquire if the occupants of the cafe saw the fugitive, Taro, honest as always, says Tsubasa jumped the fence. The officer chases after him while “Detective Sayama” stares at Taro for a minute and then leaves, Taro notices and feels something is odd about the detective.

Tsuyoshi and the others wonder why Taro helped the police since they know Tsubasa is innocent, Taro is confused as to what he did wrong.

A little later, Kilala is singing again while the group discusses Taro’s problem of being unable to lie. Taro doesn’t see lying as having any point, asking if honesty is all that matters to the world. While Tsuyoshi thinks that is somewhat true, Haruka explains that little white lies are not always harmful, saying his brutally honest comments about her beef stroganoff have discouraged her from making it again. Taro believes that is a good thing, which angers Haruka, who tries to bash his head with a butter dish, only for Tsuyoshi to stop her. Shinichi believes he can help by encouraging Taro to practice lying, asking him to say “I am a woman” as a starter. Taro struggles to get the words out and then suddenly collapses on the floor. Upon checking his pulse, Haruka is shocked to find Taro has none and appears to be dead. The group panics for a second only for Taro to suddenly revive and show an expression of fear on his face from the experience. Shinichi is bewildered, asking Taro if the reason he can’t lie is because lying can literally kill him.

After Kilala finishes her song, she asks her fans to rate it. They enthusiastically give her 100 points, but when she asks Taro, he gives her only 25 points and Kilala seems to really hate his response.

Later in the evening, Sonoi intercepts “Detective Sayama” and quickly changes into his armored form to strike the disguised Cat Juto with his blade. The beast is struck but leaps far away onto a rooftop, snarling at Sonoi in its true form before turning back into Kenji Sayama and using its super speed to escape. Sonoi reverts back to human form and swears that he hit his target, now concerned that the Juto are completely unkillable in this dimension. Taro finds Sonoi and wonders what is wrong, confessing he was hoping to find him here.

Taro confides to Sonoi his problem, that he has never lied once in his life and even if he really wanted to, he cannot do it no matter what. He realized he hurts people from time to time with his brutal honesty.

Sonoi likes Taro’s honest nature as that is what he admires most about him. Even so, Sonoi believes that there are “beautiful lies” in the world. Taro is not sure what he means, so Sonoi gives an example; the moon. He says that the moon lies as though it shines bright in the sky, the light is reflected from the sun as the moon has no natural way of producing light. Despite this, the moon is more trustworthy than the sun, the moon can always be seen in the sky while the sun vanishes at night. Taro gets what Sonoi is trying to say and the two look up at the starry moonlit sky.

Kilala is at the park where she used to play as a child, sitting on the swing set and talking to her grandfather on the phone. She lies to him by saying her debut as an idol has been delayed a bit..

The next day, Kilala is surprised by the appearance of Karin from Black Sugar, who used to work at Cafe Donbura and came to visit Kaito. Karin reveals that she and Kilala are not related and the younger idol wannabe is a lying fraud. Kilala starts to cry and runs off, only to be attacked by someone outside. Taro and Haruka find her, on the ground scared and crying, Haruka suspects it might be the mysterious monster reported in the news on her phone that attacks idols. As she describes the article, Uchuki is elsewhere absorbing an idol into his body.

Later, Kilala arrives at the cafe with crutches and a foot cast, claiming she had been attacked again. Shinichi uses his keen observation and yanks away her crutches, Kilala demands them back but is walking just fine on her own. Shinichi suspected but now confirmed that Kilala was lying to them just to get attention. Taro doesn’t understand why she is always lying, Kilala says it is for her grandfather’s sake as she wants him to be happy. She explains that he always doted her and did his best to make her happy, but Taro interjects and tells her that no amount of lies can turn into the truth. Kilala says no matter what she will find a way to make those lies into a truth.

Upset, Kilala tells Taro to leave her alone and runs off, the quartet then hear Kilala screaming. In a very short “Cry Wolf” moment, none of the group believes she is in any danger and just pining for attention again. However, Taro senses something is really wrong and goes out to see Kilala plead for help as Uchuki dissolves and absorbs her. The four become the Donbrothers as Uchuki spawns Anoni, the group battle them as Tsubasa teleports in, with Haruka greeting “Bark-chan”, Tsubasa mockingly barks at her and angrily reminds her for the last time he isn’t a dog.

With the team all together and the number of Anoni growing, the Donbrothers assume their Robotaro forms. They make quick work of destroying the Anoni and then quickly execute the Unprecedented Peach: Robotaro Party attack to weaken Uchuki. However, a larger wave of Anoni appear and Taro decides that it is time to “combine”. The others are confused with what he means as he inserts a new Gear into the DonBlaster. They are even more confused as they are changing into components of armor for Don Robotaro and a little freaked out by the ways their bodies are altered upon connecting to Don Robotaro to form Don Onitaijin. The quartet squabble and ask questions, like Haruka asking why she is a leg now. They don’t have time though, as the Anoni charge towards Don Onitaijin, who gets up and obliterates them with a slash from its two swords.

Uchuki evolves into Uchuking, with Don Momotaro using the Don Onitaijin Robotaro Gear again to make the warrior robot grow. During the battle, each team member discovers something that can aid Taro in the fight. Haruka discovers she can rapidly kick the enemy, Tsuyoshi can give Don Onitaijin flight and two katana swords, Shinichi can enhance Don Onitaijin’s punches and Tsubasa boosts the robot’s overall speed. After a fight on an elevating arena, where Tsubasa confesses he is terrified of heights, the team finishes Uchuking with their ultimate attack: the Donbros Paradise.

The otaku lies on the ground, dazed after his defeat as all the idols are restored and celebrated being freed from wherever they were imprisoned.

At Shirokuma Express, Taro carries Kiriyama on his back, who wonders what Taro is doing as he should get back to cleaning. Taro remembers that today is when Kiriyama’s mother visits, but Kiriyama says they will not make it in time. Taro asks him to close his eyes and keep them shut, changing into Don Momotaro and uses his superpowers to bound into the air as well as virtual springboards to arrive at the bus station. Taro tells Kiriyama to open his eyes, finding himself where he wanted to be and greets his mother. He then gives Kiriyama a gift for his mom, a package full of melon rice crackers. Kiriyama is touched by Taro’s kindness, encouraging him to return to Shirokuma Express as he will wait for him there. Kiriyama’s mother thinks Taro is a great friend to her son.

Kilala has a flashback, showing that she wanted to become an idol as a promise to her grandfather. Flashing forward to the present, Taro is doing a delivery when he sees that Kilala has made her music debut on national television via a jumbo screen on a building and she will start selling her hit single Kilala Smile soon. Taro muses that truth and lies are a more complex thing than he realizes as he continues his delivery. The episode ends with Kilala smiling as her dreams have come true.


Guest Cast

  • Idol otaku/Uchuki (宇宙鬼 Uchūki): Wataru Oguri (小栗わたる Oguri Wataru)
  • Kilala Kila (吉良きらら Kila Kilala): Fuka Izumi (和泉風花 Izumi Fūka)[1]
  • Kenji Sayama (狭山健児 Sayama Kenji): Ryoji Sugimoto (杉本凌士 Sugimoto Ryōji)
  • Kora-chan (コーラちゃん Kōrachyan): Akane Mitani (三谷あかね Mitani Akane)
  • Karin (かりん): Toomi (十味 Tōmi)
  • Fans: Kanta Hiraki (平木幹太 Hiraki Kanta), Yusuke Yaginuma (柳沼侑良 Yaginuma Yūsuke)
  • Kira Kilala (Child): Yuzuho (柚穂)
  • Kira Kilala's Grandfather: Tsutomu Tsuji (辻つとむ Tsuji Tsutomu)
  • Shirokuma Express Owner: Hiromitsu Shiibashi (椎橋 宏光 Shiibashi Hiromitsu)
  • Police: Kenya Saitou (齊藤 謙也 Saitō Kenya)
  • Idol: Rikako Suda (須田理夏子 Suda Rikako), Hina Momose (百瀬陽菜 Momose Hina), Misei Mizumori (水守美聖 Mizumori Misei)

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Avataro Gears

Avatar Changes


  • to be added


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider ReviceIcon-crosswiki.png episode 36, Humanity at the Crossroads, Their DeterminationIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • Donbrothers sunglasses featured in title card: Red
  • Count at episode end
    • Gears in the Donbrothers' possession: Zenkaiger, Ryusoulger, ToQger, Lupinranger, Ohranger, Patranger, Zyuohger, Fiveman, Kiramager, Go-Busters, Gokaiger, Ninninger, Kyuranger
  • When Uchuking first appears, he does part of the Kyutama Dance from Kyuranger.
  • Kilala wore the same costume as Luna Iwashimizu during her part-time job at Donbura.[2]
  • The dates shown on the calendar in Cafe Donbura while Kilala was working there are Thursday, May 19th and Friday, May 20th.
  • Kilala's single is announced to be released on May 22nd, the same time as the episode's air date. The full single was streamed in real life on YouTube, courtesy of Nippon Columbia, on the same day.

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