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Don 11: The Dog Gets Sunstroke (イヌのかくらん Inu no Kakuran) is the eleventh episode of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. It features the full debut of the Juto.


Sonoi sees a vision of the Juto in the human world, and visits Jin Momoi. Although Jin says that the Juto's appearance is impossible, he advised them to be careful about their origami. Meanwhile, Tsubasa Inuzuka, who now works at a restaurant is found by Detective Sayama. Tsubasa escapes to a different space, but Sayama, who is chasing after him suddenly transforms.

He managed to escape and visits Tsuyoshi Kijino's house and collapses. Tsuyoshi, who thought he couldn't take him to the hospital because of his situation, asks Taro Momoi for help.


During the previous episode recap, Sonoi narrates that the Juto are beings that can disguise themselves as humans as they encroach upon the Earth.

At the Noto base, he then decides to consult with the “guardian”, who turns out to be Jin. Sonoi asks how many Juto are on Earth. Sonoza and Sononi are confused upon appearing in Jin’s prison cell and ask who the human in front of them is and where they are. Sonoi explains that long ago, as penance for the crime Jin committed, he was made into a Guardian to protect the border barrier (the location of Jin’s cell) of the human and Noto worlds from the Juto by guarding the seal.

Jin says it is impossible that the Juto escaped into the human world under his watch, but Sonoi says his vision of the Juto wasn’t wrong. Jin says if that is the case, everything will become a hellish nightmare. Sonoza asks what do they do to stop the Juto, but Jin refuses to answer as “visiting hours” are over. He does warn them to beware of the three Juto origami animals: the cat, the crane and the penguin.

At a police station, Detective Kenji Sayama’s subordinates watch “Kenji” and are concerned as he has acted strangely since surviving the tour bus accident. He doesn’t seem to remember the incident and out of concern they ask him if he is feeling okay to be at work today. The fake Kenji is humming to himself while making wanted posters of Tsubasa Inuzuka into cat origami, ignoring them until they get a call from an anonymous tipster that they have seen Tsubasa in their area.

Tsubasa daydreams a memory of taking Natsumi shopping for dresses. He decides to spoil her by charging all of the dresses she picked on his credit card in a monthly installment payment plan to the store. Natsumi worries that is a bit excessive, but Tsubasa believes she is worth spoiling every now and then because if it makes her happy, he is happy too.

Natsumi smiles, but he is brought back to reality by the breaking of a dish plate. Tsubasa’s job as a busboy for a restaurant comes to an end as his boss fires him for continuously breaking the dishes and tells him to leave and go home.

After getting back into his clothes and out of his work uniform, Tsubasa sees the police are waiting for him and makes a break for it, getting on a motorcycle to escape. “Detective Sayama” watches and then smells food in the restaurant, going in and savagely devouring the food and scaring everyone inside.

This feeding frenzy enhances his power enough to chase after Tsubasa at super speed and leap over him to block his path. Tsubasa realizes something is off with him and tries to run away on foot to an invisible door, only to find that “Detective Sayama” has somehow caught up to him. Tsubasa tries to punch him, but that only angers the feral creature, who grabs him by the neck and lifts him up. He then shoves one of his cat origami down Tsubasa’s throat. The latter breaks free and tries to kick his assailant back, breaking its neck, but it doesn’t phase the growling feral creature as it snaps its head back into place only to discover its prey has escaped.

Elsewhere, a man named Minoru Ono is doing some ninja training, when Taro arrives with a package for him. Taro explains he tried reaching Mr. Ono’s house first, but his neighbors said to find him out at the training grounds. Mr. Ono excitedly opens his package, revealing a kusarigama weapon. Taro tells him he can help if he needs it, to which Minoru wants him to help train in the way of the ninja by challenging Taro to a duel. Taro isn’t sure what he means as Minoru tries to throw the kusarigama at him. Taro effortlessly dodges as the chain falls the ground and using only his feet, yanks the kusarigama away from Minoru. Taro, once again brutal with his honesty, says it is fine to “play ninja” but one must not lose their tools. As he walks away, Minoru takes offense to Taro’s words and begins to get angry…

Tsuyoshi is arriving home to his apartment, when he sees Tsubasa struggling to stand with strained breathing and a very high fever, collapsing after asking if he can rest for a bit. Tsuyoshi takes him inside and rushes to get help.

Taro has returned to Shirokuma Express to do more deliveries, when a panicked Tsuyoshi calls out to him that an emergency has occurred but because Tsubasa is a wanted criminal, he cannot take Tsubasa to a hospital and asks what he should do. Taro tells Tsuyoshi to calm down, he is not a doctor so he insists that Tsuyoshi just nurse Tsubasa back to health. Tsuyoshi says he doesn’t know how. Taro says he can’t abandon work right now, but promises to try and help somehow.

Minoru is still fuming over Taro’s comment about him “playing ninja”, vowing to get revenge on the delivery man for insulting him and his ninja path of training. This desire causes a Hitotsuki to emerge from Minoru’s body.

Tsubasa is getting worse with his fever rising and Tsuyoshi worries, actually considering taking him to a hospital since he doesn’t know what to do. He hears the doorbell and opens the door to Haruka who says Taro sent her to help. She feels Tsubasa’s head to discover it is very hot. Tsuyoshi remembers her from the hostage situation a while back and that he never properly introduced himself to Haruka and hands her his business card. He thanks Haruka for coming as he isn’t great at caretaking and Miho is at a beautician course right now and will not be home for a while. Haruka asks who Miho is, to which Tsuyoshi excitedly shows photos of his wife, which Haruka mentally is annoyed by as this isn’t the time and she finds his obsession a bit gross.

Haruka places a cold wet rag on Tsubasa’s head, who in a state of delirium believes Haruka is Natsumi and gets slapped hard by her when he tries to grab her for a hug. Tsuyoshi tries to explain that Natsumi is a woman that Tsubasa loves, maybe if she played along and pretended to be her, he would feel better through Natsumi’s encouragement. Haruka tries, but Tsubasa regains enough of his clarity to notice that it is actually an illusion and kicks her. Enraged, Haruka picks up a shake weight and tries to bash Tsubasa’s head with it but Tsuyoshi holds her back and pleads that she should calm down as Tsubasa is sick and obviously not in his right mind. The doorbell rings and upon opening the door, Tsuyoshi sees Shinichi burst in as Taro had sent him as well to help, with the former complaining that nobody has any manners when entering his home.

Elsewhere in the city, Taro is making his rounds and heads back to his van, only for a flying shuriken to be blocked from hitting Taro’s head by using his clipboard. Minoru appears and declares Taro his enemy, promising to show the man who insulted “Ono School style ninpo” the full extent of his power. Minoru becomes Shurikenki, but Taro insults him again by saying that now Minoru just thinks he is a real ninja. Taro then Avatar Changes into Don Momotaro and the two fight.

Back at Tsuyoshi’s apartment, Shinichi comes up with a clever way to help Tsubasa, since the wanted criminal cannot go to the hospital as he would be arrested, someone else should feign sickness with Tsubasa’s symptoms to get medicine from a doctor and bring it to the apartment. Tsuyoshi is chosen as the person to go to the doctor. Haruka almost slips up on their secret identities by saying how Shinichi should use his intellect more often in battle after praising his idea and she and Shinichi discuss in private what a bad idea it is to reveal who they are.

Haruka still wonders who the other two Donbrothers are, she vaguely remembers seeing Kiji Brother when they first met transforming but didn’t get a good look at his face and coincidentally Tsuyoshi walks in as they end the conversation. The two are teleported away by their DonBlasters when Tsuyoshi goes back to check on Tsubasa.

The three Donbrothers then appear in the battlefield, with Kiji Brother stepping on caltrops that Shurikenki threw without watching where he was walking. Don Momotaro says Shurikenki is only after him and he will be fine on his own. Haruka and Shinichi trust that their leader will be alright and deactivate their transformations to teleport back and check on Tsubasa. They find that Tsuyoshi is not in the room and wonder where he went.

Tsuyoshi is at the doctor’s office, but to treat himself rather than get medication for Tsubasa. The doctor bandages his injured foot and his patient asks the him for another favor…..

Tsuyoshi returns home with a cast on his foot and walking with a crutch. Shinichi appreciates his efforts to help by going to the hospital and Haruka takes the package of medicine and quickly gives it to Tsubasa. Tsuyoshi tries to stop this, but it’s too late and the medicine is revealed to be laxatives as Tsubasa races to the toilet upon ingesting the medicine, stepping on Tsuyoshi’s injured foot as he reaches his destination.

Shinichi and Haruka are naturally upset that Tsuyoshi thought of himself rather than help their friend. But Tsuyoshi defends his request for laxatives as he has had major “problems” lately. Shinichi says after the medicine wears off, Tsubasa will need hydration and nourishment to replenish his strength. They need to make rice porridge as the best solution to the problem. He and Haruka go to the kitchen and get a pot of boiling water ready to make stock for the porridge, which should only take a few minutes. Haruka is worried about Taro and suggests that they go check on him. Shinichi agrees and they both pull out their DonBlasters.

Don Momotaro is battling Shurikenki and the Anoni, but despite his efforts he is slipping up as the enemy forces manage to hit him. Haruka and Shinichi teleport in and assist Don Momotaro with the Anoni. The latter asks about Tsubasa, to which the two reassured him he is in good care. Shinichi recites a haiku about summer colds as he beats up the Anoni.

Tsuyoshi enters his kitchen only to find Haruka and Shinichi gone and the stove unattended. He scrambles to try and turn off the stove and take the boiling stock off the heat, only to burn his hands on the metal pot handles and spill the very hot soup stock on his right leg, which also burns his injured foot. His DonBlaster appears as he frantically hops around in pain, knocking into Haruka as Kiji Brother as he stumbles in upon teleportation. She angrily tells him to watch where he is going and Shinichi uses him as a “pheasant shuriken”, tossing him to destroy the wave of Anoni heading towards them. Satisfied, the two decide to check on the stock as five minutes have passed. They demorph again and appear near the kitchen, only to find Tsuyoshi unconscious on the floor and the stock spilled over, surprised and unsure what happened there.

Tsubasa’s condition continues to worsen, so Shinichi suggests something more on the superstitious and spiritual side of remedies as a last resort, with Tsuyoshi saying he will do anything to help Tsubasa. They fill a wash basin full of salt, Tsuyoshi places it on his head and he starts chanting in prayer for Tsubasa to get well while not spilling a single grain of salt. Haruka asks if this actually works, with Shinichi saying it is possible and whispers to her that they can go now.

Don Momotaro is still battling Shurikenki, but it is clear that he is getting a little tired as he takes more damage than usual. Shurikenki uses a clone technique and barrages Don Momotaro with giant shuriken, which he evaded and blocks until one hits him and then Shurikenki tosses him into some barrels. Shinichi and Haruka teleport in and fend off Shurikenki long enough for Don Momotaro to get up, who guesses now he owes them for saving his life. The battle turns in Shurikenki’s favor as his attacks become more aggressive and his clones overwhelm the Ranger trio. Tsuyoshi teleports in, with his transformed helmet lodging the wash basin of salt on his head. Upon seeing the wash basin, Shinichi and Haruka find out that Tsuyoshi is Kiji Brother. Upon mentioning the wash basin aloud as they talk, Tsuyoshi figures out who Oni Sister and Saru Brother are.

Back at the apartment, Miho unexpectedly comes home as her course at work ended early, she calls out to her husband and says she brought a box dinner home for them to share. She is surprised Tsuyoshi isn’t home and even more shocked to find a strange man in his room. Upon seeing Tsubasa’s face however, Miho acts strangely as her neck moves unnaturally and her personality changes into a more cold and serious one. She seems to understand what is happening and removes the cat origami from Tsubasa’s throat, which makes eerie unnatural noises as she crushes it. Tsubasa opens his eyes to see “Miho” beside him and thinks Natsumi is here, getting up but she vanishes the very second he recovers. Tsubasa believes that maybe he dreamt she was there, but has no time to think about it as his DonBlaster teleports him to where his comrades are.

During the fight, one of Shurikenki’s clones accidentally knocks over the salt Tsuyoshi is carrying on his head, which gets in the real Shurikenki’s eyes. Inu Brother appears and accidentally flying kicks Tsuyoshi when Shurikenki unintentionally ducked, causing the salt to go into the air and get in the eyes of all the clones and blind them. Haruka is thankful that their suits have sunglasses to protect them from the salt.

Tsubasa tries to lead the charge of his comrades, to the chagrin of Don Momotaro as they assume their Robotaro forms and make quick work to defeat Shurikenki’s clones and Don Robotaro defeats Shurikenki himself with the Avatar Photon Slash. Now freed from the Hitotsuki, Minoru wakes up at his training grounds, confused as to what happened.

The episode seems to wrap up normally with Miho waiting for her husband to return as a post-it note reminding them to pay the heating and electricity bills is shown. But the ending theme suddenly stops playing with Miho ripping out the note as her second personality emerges again, strange noises come from her as she folds the note and moves in an inhuman manner. The setting Sun is slowly blocked out as an aura of darkness surrounds the area. “Miho” completes the folding of the paper note into a crane, which eerily makes the sounds of a crying infant, indicating to the audience that Miho may be a Juto in disguise!


Guest Cast

  • Minoru Ono (大野稔 Ōno Minoru)/Shurikenki (手裏剣鬼 Shurikenki): Takashi Sakakibara (榊原卓士 Sakakibara Takashi)[1]
  • Kenji Sayama (狭山健児 Sayama Kenji): Ryoji Sugimoto (杉本凌士 Sugimoto Ryōji)
  • Police: Yohei Fujita (藤田 洋平 Fujita Yōhei), Kenya Saitou (齊藤 謙也 Saitō Kenya)
  • Shop Owner: Mitsuharu Horiuchi (堀内充治 Horiuchi Mitsuharu)

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Avataro Gears

Avatar Changes


  • to be added


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider ReviceIcon-crosswiki.png episode 35, Unknown Threat, the Way We Should GoIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • Donbrothers sunglasses featured in title card: Black
  • Count at episode end
    • Gears in the Donbrothers' possession: Zenkaiger, Ryusoulger, ToQger, Lupinranger, Ohranger, Patranger, Zyuohger, Fiveman, Kiramager, Go-Busters, Gokaiger, Ninninger
  • The episode's title comes from the expression "the devil getting sunstroke" (鬼の霍乱 Oni no Kakuran), a Japanese parable that a stubborn person rarely gets sick.[2]
  • This is the first episode that Kaito Goshikida does not appear in and the first episode where the purified Gear is not shown on screen being recovered by him or the Donbrothers.
  • As of this episode, the only Donbrother remaining to not reveal their identities to all of their teammates is Tsubasa as Haruka, Tsuyoshi and Shinichi now know each other’s secret identities. Taro has not revealed himself as Don Momotaro to Tsubasa yet, but the remaining trio know who he is.

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