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Don 10: The Rainbow The Oni Saw (オニがみたにじ Oni ga Mita Niji) is the tenth episode of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. It features the debut of Saru Brother Robotaro, Oni Sister Robotaro, Inu Brother Robotaro, and Kiji Brother Robotaro. It also features the only appearance of Marina Maeda, the temporary Oni Sister.


Haruka is delighted with the fact that she got enough Kibi-Points to leave the Donbrothers and regain her career as a manga artist, but she feels uneasy when her former companions face another Hitotsuki, accompanied by Marina Maeda, a photographer with a similar past as hers who became the new Oni Sister.


The episode opens with Haruka receiving another award for her work, the judge praising her latest bestseller manga Heartbreak Hero to a cheering crowd. As she walks to school, her female classmates all gather around her to congratulate her on winning the Japan Manga Award. Haruka is modest about it, saying it isn’t a big deal. Her boyfriend Hitoshi says he is proud of her, as her manga gives the students dreams to work towards. He pats Haruka’s head as the girls squee at the affection she received. She then heads to a bookstore signing to autograph her manga to her adoring fans after school.

Haruka narrates to the audience that this isn’t a dream or illusion, it is her life returned to the way it used to be. She isn’t a warrior anymore and decides to explain how this all started….

A few days ago, Haruka was at work and demanded that Kaito explain himself after witnessing him transform into Zenkaizer Black. Kaito says that isn’t important right now, as he has something else to explain to her. He pulls out his laptop and says because of her great contribution to aiding Don Momotaro earlier when he was ill and helping greatly to achieving victory, she has amassed a large number of Kibi-Points.

Haruka has a flashback to what Jin said earlier about the points, that she can leave the Donbrothers if she gained enough points and the admin would explain the points to her. Haruka asks Kaito if he is the admin, and while he doesn’t answer that question, he tells her she has enough points to leave and get her normal life back now if she so chooses. No more fighting as Oni Sister, her manga artist reputation would be restored and the plagiarism accusations would all be erased from existence. Kaito asks if she is interested upon describing what it would be like, with Haruka smiling. Haruka narrates she did not hesitate, making the wish and getting her life back to the way it was.

Flashing forward to the present, Haruka meets a fan named Marina who shakes her hand and refuses to let go at first, then hands Haruka a note containing her phone number. She insists that if Haruka ever is in trouble, just contact her by calling the number and she walks off. Haruka’s editor tells her to ignore the “weirdo” and Haruka wonders if the girl was a crazy fan, examining the phone number and then putting it away in her pocket.

At a park, a revered manga artist named Ippei is reading Heartbreak Hero until a fan approaches him and asks for his hand to be signed. Ippei obliges with his request and is thanked by the fan, who walks off. Ippei shows annoyance at being bothered by fans as he can’t read in peace. A Hitotsuki called Kaizokuki appears and grabs Ippei with its tentacles, absorbing him into his body. He picks up the copy of Heartbreak Hero and says he will move onto the next one, indicating he plans on attacking Haruka Kito next.

At a restaurant, Hitoshi is on a date and asks Haruka if she can meet his mother at his house, as he properly wants to introduce her as his girlfriend to his parents. Haruka agrees to this. He says his mom makes a great beef stew, but Haruka’s mind drifts off as she wonders what Taro and the others are doing. She regrets not seeing them one last time before making her wish. Hitoshi was talking to her about being careful, to which she snapped out of her daze and asks what he is talking about. Hitoshi says famous manga artists are going missing, showing the news article on his phone.

Haruka sees some of her coworkers are part of the missing five artists and then sees Marina observing her from a distance. After leaving the restaurant, Haruka is worried as Marina follows her and starts to run, thinking she is the kidnapper. She finds a man nearby and pleads for help, with him directing her into an alley. He is amused Haruka Kito, the famous artist, went looking for him instead of the other way around. He changes into Kaizoukuki and Haruka runs away but trips and falls down. She is about to be absorbed when Marina saves her, armed with the DonBlaster that once belonged to her and becomes Oni Sister. Haruka narrates that this is truly a shocking turn of events. The other Donbrothers teleport in, with Don Momotaro ordering his companions to attack. Marina approaches Don Momotaro and bows to him, asking to show them all the way. Don Momotaro says she can accompany him and they charge into battle. The team seems to be more in sync than when Haruka was a member, but Kaizokuki gets away despite that. Haruka sees the new Donbrothers and can’t help feeling happy for them.

On a rainy day, Haruka goes to Cafe Donbura, only to find Marina is working there in her old maid outfit. She had called Marina to talk, ordering iced tea and kibi dango from the menu. Marina reassures Haruka the Donbrothers will protect her from the Hitotsuki and introduces herself as Marina Maeda. She tries to explain the motivation of the monster but Haruka already has the general idea. Haruka called Marina because she insists on following her around to learn about the Donbrothers. Marina thinks that is very brave despite the dangerous situation, believing Haruka wants to write a hero manga based on her and her team. Haruka is a bit jealous of Marina as she is prettier than her, thinking that sucks. Kaito arrives with Haruka’s iced tea, but to her shock he doesn’t remember who she is.

Haruka wants to check up on her former teammates, asking Marina how she gets along with them and what they are like in this timeline. The first person she visits is Shinichi at his house, who in this reality is so lazy that Marina cleans the house for him as he plays Go. At first Haruka gets the impression that the two are a couple, but Shinichi and Marina reject the very idea. Shinichi praises Marina as the glue that holds the team together. Jealous again, Haruka tries to help clean too, but ends up breaking a priceless vase and knocking over Shinichi’s Go table.

At Shirokuma Express, Haruka learns Taro gets homemade bento lunches from Marina every day, to the envy of Taro’s coworkers. Marina asks if her lunch is good, with Taro giving an honest answer that it is delicious. Haruka feels inadequate around Marina and hopes Taro will recognize her, getting closer to him. Taro wonders what her problem is as she is being weird, asking her to stop staring at him. She is sad that Taro doesn’t remember her, but tries to offer hot tea to the employees. She breaks the teapot after she burns her hand on a splash of hot water from the coffee maker. The staff stare at Haruka as she feels humiliated.

At a diner, Haruka apologizes to Marina for making a mess of things. Marina says it is okay and that they can see Tsuyoshi and Tsubasa tomorrow…but then picks up a knife and stabs a photograph of the city under a rainbow done by a Susumu Sano. Marina angrily says that photo is a ripoff of her work as she took the original picture.

At the Noto base, Sonoi observes the tour bus accident on the news. He knows the 41 passengers are alive somewhere, held captive by the Juto. Sonoza wonders how they are even on Earth. Sonoi thinks that the seal that contained the Juto was somehow broken, if they don’t act now then everything will be destroyed, the human realm and the Noto dimension.

At a ramen shop, Detective Sayama is somehow there despite being in the list of missing persons on TV. He begins eating food like a savage, and he makes a terrible, loud unearthly sound. He roars as a purple mist emerges from his mouth and his eyes emit a bright white light. The shop owner tries to stop his odd behavior but “Sayama” grabs him and the owner gets his head bashed against the counter onto a bowl of hot ramen soup. The frightened patrons observe from the doorway as “Sayama” calms down and makes origami of a cat’s head, meowing upon its completion and grinning sinisterly.

At a staircase near the bay, Marina talks to Haruka about her past. She used to be an award winning photographer but then became a warrior and lost everything. Her misfortunes were identical to Haruka’s, accused of plagiarism and losing her job. Marina became a photographer because of her father, as he took lots of photos of beautiful rainbows. There are not as many as in her father’s time, which he believed was because people’s hearts were becoming clouded. He wanted to bring happiness to people by capturing the beauty of rainbows. Haruka thinks that is a little cliché, but she likes the idea.

Marina had hoped to follow in her father’s footsteps and capture the beauty of rainbows. She tells Haruka it isn’t easy to photograph a rainbow, you need to plan ahead before the rain stops pouring and time when the sun comes out. If you do that, then the miraculous moment appears before you. As Marina describes it, she recalls when she took the photo in the diner. Marina loved taking photos and feels sad she cannot do it anymore. Haruka tries to encourage Marina to try again, but she tells her she can’t as now she doubts herself and she doesn’t have steady hands to hold a camera. She has given up on her dreams, but it is fine as she is a hero now and can protect people.

Haruka feels guilty, wondering if Marina replacing her was the right thing to do. She gets dragged away by Hitoshi, who reminds her it’s time to meet his parents and have dinner with them. Kaizokuki appears and tries once again to abduct Haruka, Hitoshi gets scared and runs away, crying for his mom. Marina protects Haruka, the latter asking why Kaizokuki is doing this. Kaizokuki explains he was an aspiring manga artist but didn’t have the talent to succeed, so he will literally steal the talent of others to become successful by absorbing manga artists. Haruka angrily says talent isn’t something you take, it is cultivated through one’s own hard work. Marina agrees and changes into Oni Sister to protect Haruka. The rest of the Donbrothers teleport in to fight as the Anoni appear and even more Anoni come through the invisible doors.

Sononi appears, and despite her orders to aid her comrades in locating the Juto, she cannot stand the stench of human greed and prepares to use her bow to kill Kaizokuki. Her aim’s timing is off as the arrow heads for Marina, but Don Momotaro leaps in and strikes the arrow down with the ZanglaSword to protect Marina. Don Momotaro charges at Sononi while Marina fights the Anoni and Kaizokuki, but when she points her DonBlaster a certain way, she freezes and her hands start to shake. She drops her DonBlaster, her mental state rattled as she stares at her shaking hands.

Haruka realizes that Marina still carried her camera in the hopes of taking pictures again, but the misfortune she suffered and her time in battle has affected her for the worse. Haruka blames herself for this, realizing that abandoning her responsibility as a warrior just brought pain to someone else, though she is mentally conflicted about what to do or if it even is her fault at first. She decides to give up her perfect life, calling her editor and telling her she is quitting her manga career.

Haruka then runs to Cafe Donbura and grabs Kaito by the sleeve of his shirt, insisting that he DOES remember her. Kaito for a second seems to feign ignorance and act like he still doesn’t remember her, but she knows he is the Admin and demands he drop the act. Kaito sheepishly admits he still remembers her when she gets furious. Haruka says she wants to wish to undo her wish and return to the Donbrothers. Kaito opens his laptop and hits the delete key, the world dissolves into a blinding light.

Haruka suddenly finds herself as Oni Sister running around and beating Anoni with her kanabo. Haruka joyously proclaims she has arrived to the confusion of Don Momotaro who asks why she would announce that as it is obvious she is here. Haruka says she has been through a lot today and then aids Tsuyoshi and Tsubasa when Kaizokuki proves difficult for them to fight. She smacks him around with her kanabo for a bit then Avatar Changes into Oni Sister Robotaro and blasts him with missiles from her club. Don Momotaro is impressed with Haruka “enjoying the festival” but won’t let her hog all the glory. The team assumes their Robotaro forms and make quick work of the Anoni and drive Sononi back.

As Haruka fights Kaizokuki, she says that Marina can live her own life now and as for the future, she will do the fighting from now on. She hits Kaizokuki so hard he crashes into a lamppost and gets electrocuted, then falls stunned onto the pavement. Don Robotaro tells his companions it’s time for the finisher, executing the Unprecedented Peach: Robotaro Party attack. The team launch a barrage of fireworks at Kaizokuki and then Don Robotaro finishes with a rapid high speed Robotaro Slash. The absorbed manga artists are freed and the awakened artist who was Kaizokuki feels ashamed.

At Cafe Donbura, Kaito holds the purified Gokaiger Avataro Gear and chuckles, then sees his laptop is still open and the scores reveal that Oni Sister has lost all her points. Kaito resumes his stoic demeanor and closes the laptop.

At an award ceremony, Marina Maeda is given the Grand Prize trophy achievement in the photographic arts for her rainbow photo.

Haruka heads to school, being called “plagiarist” once again by her classmates, but it doesn’t bother her much. She looks at the city skyline and sees a rainbow has appeared, pointing it out to her classmates. All of them are in awe at seeing such a beautiful sight as cherry blossoms fall.


Guest Cast

  • Marina Maeda (前田 真利菜 Maeda Marina): Hiyori Katada (片田陽依 Katada Hiyori)[1]
  • Naruki Ooi (大井成樹 Ōi Naruki)[2]/Kaizokuki (海賊鬼 Kaizokuki): Yuji Kubo (久保雄司 Kubo Yūji)
  • Kenji Sayama (狭山健児 Sayama Kenji): Ryoji Sugimoto (杉本凌士 Sugimoto Ryōji)
  • Reporter: Kota Goto (後藤 公太 Gotō Kōta)
  • Hanako Kanemura (金村花子 Kanemura Hanako): Emi Tanaka (田中えみ Tanaka Emi)
  • Ippei (一平): Takuya Hashimoto (橋本拓也 Hashimoto Takuya)
  • Hitoshi Hanamura (花村ひとし Hanamura Hitoshi): Kyoya Honda (本田響矢 Honda Kyōya)
  • Student: Honoka Kawasaki (川﨑帆々花 Kawasaki Honoka)
  • Ramen Store Clerk: Okuto Nakatake (中武億人 Nakatake Okuto)
  • Children: Haruto Fujiwara (藤原陽人 Fujiwara Haruto), Konatsu Nakasato (中里瑚夏 Nakasato Konatsu)

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Avataro Gears

Avatar Changes


  • to be added


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider ReviceIcon-crosswiki.png episode 34, The Demon Is Calling the DemonIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • Donbrothers sunglasses featured in title card: Yellow
  • Count at episode end
    • Gears in the Donbrothers' possession: Zenkaiger, Ryusoulger, ToQger, Lupinranger, Ohranger, Patranger, Zyuohger, Fiveman, Kiramager, Go-Busters, Gokaiger
  • The opening sequence had been updated to include the Robotaro and Don Onitaijin.
  • This episode debuts a new insert theme.
  • Tsubasa and Tsuyoshi don’t appear untransformed in this episode.

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