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"My dream!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Domidoll (ドミドル Domidoru) is the ringmaster of the Space Circus (宇宙サーカス団 Uchū Sākasu-dan) and the main antagonist of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger the Movie: The Heart Pounding Circus Panic. His goal is to recreate the entire universe as a circus stage by destroying unnecessary planets. He uses the Zyuman circus to gather the energy of the children's cries to create a powerful energy, and attempts to destroy Earth with its powerful energy.

Character History

According to Naria, Domidoll has been wreaking havoc across the universe by turning several planets into circus balls and rearranging stars into rings of fire.


While first appearing flamboyant and dramatic to the audience, he revealed his true, evil and destructive colors by trapping the children in his spaceship. He also shows no fear to the Deathgalien, stealing their Moeba troops by the Moeba Medals and their Triangular. He is also shown to be a sadistic ringmaster to his Zyumen crew.


  • Height:215 cm (68.8 m: Complete)
  • Weight:193 kg (617.6 t: Complete)

Powers and Abilities



  • Cube Condor (Stolen from Perle)
  • Cirque du Whip (シルクドウィップ SirukudoWippu): A whip can release electrical spark.
  • Reflect Mirror: Domidoll can create Reflect Mirror by his bare hand.
  • Hand Thunder: Domidoll's can shoot thunder from his hands.
  • Throwing Knife
Space Circus

Spaceship Flying Tent

  • Spaceship Flying Tent (フライングテント Furaingutento): Domidoll's ship that is the base for the Space Circus.


  • Hand Whip: Domidoll can use his hand whip on both hand release electrical spark.
  • Jack-in-the-box Knife: Domidoll can summon Jack-in-the-box on the buildings to throwing knife.

Behind the Scenes



  • He is the first movie villain to be able to control a mecha that used to be one of the heroes' side after Ferocious Knight D
  • The bottom of his Flying Tent spaceship is similar in look with the Nejirejia's flagship the Death Neziro.
Unknown Gangler Monsters 09 (Gillmarda+Domidoll)

A Gangler Monster.

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