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""Oh! How outrageous! No way! No way! No way! Stop it!""
―Domeloid's first words when being forced to reveal himself by Go-Buster King."[src]
""It looks like I'm beaten! There's the gong! The match is over!""
―Domeloid's final words before his death.[src]

The Domeloid (ドームロイド, Dōmuroido) is a Messianic Metaloid that is created when Messiah Card 11 card infects the entire domed Higashi District East Stadium. He was mainly used as an arena to subject Go-Buster Ace to his DomeZord counterparts in a gauntlet to analyze Hiromu's fighting data.

This Metaloid has an immensely powerful attack (literally reffered to as "my finisher"), the Jumping Full Force Kick which consists of generating wrestling ring ropes behind him, leaning against it to build friction, and then flying forth whilst kicking to unleash a devastatingly powerful kick. However, Go-Buster King easily shrugged this off.

Due to always being a giant, this Metaloid was finished off by Go-Buster King's Go-Buster Miracle Flash.



  • Messiah Card: 11
  • Production Motif: Domed Stadium
  • Height: 81 m
  • Weight: 2770 t



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