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Dolphin Evo (イルカシンカ Irukashinka, 11) is the dolphin-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire.

Character History

Dolphin Shinka was created for a scheme to communicate with sea life to turn them against humans, thus allowing them to attack and sink ships at sea. The Evolution Beast initially attacks Marine Land to capture a marine life expert to help with the plan, confronting initially Shima and Rei before it escapes from the other Dynaman. During a battle with Shima, it knocks him deep into the ocean where he appears to drown until he is saved by a mermaid, who gives him the inspiration to go forth and defeat it to protect all marine creatures from its influence. During a final showdown, DynaBlue fights and defeats Dolphin Shinka both on land and water before the team finishes it off, first with Super Dynamite, then with DynaRobo.


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Modus and Arsenal

Dolphin Evo hyper-sonar similar to that of a dolphin, set up to be used to communicate with sea-life and distort sound as well as stun enemies. It also has the ability to swim and flip upwards through water onto land. Other abilities include missiles in the right arm, pressurized water from the snout, jumping high, and changing his size.


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Behind the Scenes

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