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"Okay, Leader! Food is something I can handle!"
―Dolmar's first words
"Barba Extract! If you force my hand......."
―Dolmar's first words enlarging himself

Dolmar (ドルマー Dorumā) is a Majin minion of the Space Pirates Balban under Gun Boss Sambash

Character History

A pillbug-like Majin who wields giant eating utensils as weapons and has a very hard shell on his back, which protected him from several attacks made by the Gingaman. He tries to awaken Daitanix with the smell of food. He stole food from a woman who was teaching Hikaru how to cook properly. Hikaru later used those newly taught skills to hack at Dolmar's body with his Kiba Knives, defeating him. However, he grows and is killed by Gingaioh.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • It's main ability is a shield-like shell on it's back that protects it from attacks; it also possesses enhanced taste buds to discern good and bad food and uses a fork and knife as weapons.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Dolmar's suit is a rebuilt and modified version of Rigurou's suit.
  • Dolmar's name comes from "armored" and "gourmet"
  • Dolmar's Knife and Fork props are the same ones used by Dora Circe from Zyuranger


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