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Dollhouse Shadow (ドールハウスシャドー Dōruhausu Shadō) designated MoHa 106803-43 (モハ106803-43)

Character History

Dollhouse Shadow is sent by Marchioness Morc to confirm Right to be the cause of Emperor Z's light obsession, capturing Hikari and Kagura to burn them alive in order to invoke the darkness within Right. But the scheme ends with Hikari and Kagura escaping at the last second before Dollhouse Shadow is defeated by Hyper ToQ 1gou and then, after getting sucked into his own dollhouse, destroyed by Cho Cho ToQ-DaiOh. Station 43: The Locked Door


At first glance he seems playful and childish, but later shows a cruel streak when taunting Kagura and Hikari while they are trapped in his dollhouse.


  • ID Number: Mo Ha 106803-43
  • Station Building: N/A
  • Motif: Dollhouse
  • Height: 201 cm (44.2m: giant)
  • Weight: 179 kg (393.8t: giant)
  • He is the first and only Shadow Monster deployed by Morc who is not a Keeper.

Powers and Abilities


  • The Embroidery Needle Rapier (刺繍針系レイピア Shishūhari-kei Reipia) used for combat.
  • The ability to trap people in his Doll Houses (ドール系ハウス Dōru Hausu) to torture them at his leisure.

Behind the scenes


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