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Super Putties

Two Dokiita Golems.

The Dokiita Golems are stronger versions of the ordinary Golems. Their regeneration abilities are advanced to the point that they each can split into two new Dokiita Golems from the scattered remains. Also, unlike normal Golems who have black eyes, the new Dokiita Golems have red eyes.

Geki and Burai had to retrieve the Thunder Slingers to defeat the first batch, evaporating them.


  • The Dokiita Golems are the first upgraded minions in Sentai, as all previous footsoldiers were assigned to specific commanders as a variant; this would not become a more common practice until the various versions of mechahumans (the low-level Anaroids, the higher level Batsuroids and the top-level Igaroids) of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

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