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Doguu Monster (ドグウ怪人 Doguu Kaijin) is the sixth of Egos' Monsters.


Disguised as an ordinary shrine that got carried with in an airbase facility. It then revealed it self to be alive and attack the personal of the base by vaporizing them. Hedder and the Cutmen then took over the base to create confusion towards Battle Fever's Shark Ship. Whom they eventually discover that the base was taken over. Doguu Monster has red eyes that could fire lasers, can throw bombs that resemble rocks, and carries around a large double edge broadsword. Doguu Robo also had a broadsword and his eyes could spawn tornadoes and launch energy bombs.



  • Doguu Monster were designed by character designer Muneo Kubo.
  • Doguu Monster design is based on the Shakōki-dogū (遮光器土偶) statue.
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