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"Yes. yes....I am here.....We shall see if I am useful in my old age...."
―Doguru's first words [src]

Archery Psyma Beast Doguru is a mole-theme Psyma Beast under Beast Baron Cobolda

Character History

Doguru is released by Cobolda as part of a continued need to collect Minus Energy for Grandiene even after her arrival through the Grand Cross. Positioning himself high on a hill, the Psyma Beast plays his "bow" to destroy the city from a vantage point with his general and Salamandes' support. After escaping the first time, his bow is ultimately destroyed by the boomerang on Daimon's V-Lancer preventing him from using it to use his bugs to destroy the city. He is ultimately destroyed with the Victory Buster, then with Max Victory Robo's Max Nova once revived.


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His abilities include the ability to use a bow to fire arrows into a city and the ability to breathe fire. However his most devastating ability is to use the bow not as a weapon but as an emitter of a low-pitch sound he sends into the ground to summon thousands of mutant insects which eat the ground and cause massive destruction like termites.

Behind the Scenes

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