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Dogu Bōma (ドグウボーマ Dogū Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes; originally under Princess Boma Jarmin before being taken and used by Wandering Boma Yamimaru

Character History

Dogu Boma was originally sealed at an excavation site for ancient Japanese ruins; Jarmin finds it initially and uses its power to bury the people at the site. While the Turboranger try to deal with it at first, the arrival of Yamimaru changes the scenario, with him defeating the Turboranger by himself before taking Dogu Boma from Jarmin to use for himself. During another battle with the Turboranger, they try to fight the Boma Beast while Yamimaru protects it; ultimately it is hit accidentally by Yamimaru's sword before Red Turbo uses its weak moment to destroy it with a powerful GT Crash. After Yamimaru's spider grows Dogu Boma, it is made quick work by Turbo Robo.



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It uses tendrils to attack, create antlion traps where it can bury people into the ground and can fire beams in the shape of a dogu head; it likewise can change into a dogu statue where it can float in the air and be carried around by its master.

Behind the Scenes


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