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Doctor Z (ドクターZ Dokutā Zetto) is the Blatantly Evil Marketing Firm B's head. His true identity is Takehiro Tsuzuki, Hiroyo's father who was a brilliant scientist admired by his peers until he becomes obsessed with becoming an anime illustrator. After scouting for opportunities without success, Takehiro managed to land a job as a character designer for the Z-Cune Aoi anime series, but his rough and violent sketches (including those of ©Na) were rejected by the studio and he was fired.

Character History

He first appeared as the Mysterious Man (謎の男 Nazo no Otoko), a long-haired vagrant who witnesses the Akibarangers' battle with Tsukishima Alpaca in Akihabara. He is given Yumeria's business card by Akiba Yellow, which he passes to ©Na. Ep. 8: The Bonds of Painful Special Training are the Authorization Road's Conspiracy Intersection

It turned out that he isn't the real enemy and when ©Na tried to talk to him about her and Nobuo's discovery, his personality began changing (represented by the flickering of the screen). Ep. 11: The Second Generation is a Fresh and Painless Warrior

After the Akibarangers accidentally defeated Delu-Knight, he reunited with his daughter despite her fear that it was part of "His" plan to end the show. Ep. 12: Most Painful Times. Farewell, Delusional Sentai

Season Two

In Season 2, the events of the first season are retconned with Tsuzuki having no role in the Stema Otsu Corporation. He is mentioned by Hiroyo as working on a robot project at MIT. Ep. 1: Delusional War


Behind the scenes


Doctor Z was portrayed by veteran voice actor Kazuki Yao (矢尾 一樹 Yao Kazuki), best known for his portrayal of Ninjaman in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger as well as providing the voice of several Super Sentai monsters.



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