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Gou Omura (尾村 豪 Omura Gō) was Jou's one-time friend at Academia. He is a childhood prodigy who was forced by his mother Masako to study with no time to play with other children. Struggling to meet everybody's expectations, Gou is brought into Volt by Bias out of pity and becomes Doctor Obular (ドクター・オブラー Dokutā Oburā). Using Volt's research with his inferiority complex as a motivation, Gou turns himself into a completely inhuman monster; in this state, he uses a battle axe as his weapon.

During the failed Benyo Zuno experiment, Obular suddenly regresses to Gou; although Guildos returns him to his monstrous form, he is expelled from Volt for his weakness as he reverted again. Stealing Guildos's cross-sword, Gou returns to Earth and refuge at his childhood home to perfect his Obular form, destroy the Livemen, and win back Bias' praise. But he is captured by the other Earth-based Volt scientists and used in the creation of the Obular Zuno. When the clone attempts to kill his mother, Obular takes the hit meant for her, reverting to an exhausted, nearly comatose Gou.

Left by the Livemen in his mother's care, Gou continues to live without his memory until he becomes targeted once again due to having seen the truth regarding Great Professor Bias's means of survival and empowering his genius using the brains of other geniuses. With the Liveman's assistance, Gou rediscovers his memory and warns them of Bias' true threat.Ep. 41: The Confession of Gou, The Invisible Man!!

After regaining his memory, Gou turns to religion for comfort and for getting through all that he had done under Bias. He appears one last time in an attempt to prevent his former friend and ally Rui from giving Bias what he wanted in gaining the final genius brain for his plans. Although Mazenda does finally achieve the thousand-point brain, she decides to not give it to Bias by instead removing her brain and replacing it with a computer, transforming her into a complete machine. As she dies for betraying Bias, she regrets to Gou that he is the only one of the Academia traitors to remain human and with jealousy that he can still experience the wonders of life.Ep. 47: A 1000-Point Brain! Mazenda!!


Behind the scenes


As a child, Gou is portrayed by Toshihiko Nakano (中野聡彦 Nakano Toshihiko).


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