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Rui Senda (仙田 ルイ Senda Rui), now known as Doctor Mazenda (ドクター・マゼンダ) is a haughty woman who is a member of Volt. Her overall goal is to remove her weakness as a human by converting herself into a machine to remain beautiful. She is a rival of Megumi Misaki.


In her school days at the Academia, Rui was Megumi Misaki's rival and was in a relationship with Yuusuke Amamiya before breaking his heart the day she left to achieve greater heights under the guidance of Great Professor Bias. By the time she crossed paths with the Livemen, Rui had reconstructed herself as a cyborg to reflect her coldness and her desire to preserve her beauty. However, Mazenda's subconscious expresses her regret in discarding her love and kindness which manifests in her attack pattern.

Eventually, since the Miku incident, Mazenda begins to doubt Bias before she upgrades herself into Machine Mazenda. After Ashura's demise, to reach the 1000 point mark, Mazenda creates a machine that can convert her dreams into reality. She uses it to recreate previous Brain Beasts to fight Live Robo with the added ability to merge into Akumu Zuno. But after Goh Omura reveals Bias's goals to her, deceived by Bias not to believe the traitor, Mazenda personally arrives to Earth to kill the Livemen until Gash arrives once she achieves the ideal intelligence of 1000. However, in a final act of defiance, Mazenda fully converts her body into a pure machine. Furious of being denied, Bias fires the Zuno Base's lasers on Robo Mazenda. Telling Gou that she is beyond redemption, Robo Mazenda falls over the cliff and her self-destruct kicks in. In Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, Yuusuke visits a grave marker for Rui.

Turboranger clipshow

Doctor Mazenda appears in the clips from Choujuu Sentai Liveman seen in the first episode of Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.


Mazenda's forms

As a cyborg, Mazenda has concealed weapons within her body like the Arm Gun, Elbow Gun and Finger Gun.

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Machine Mazenda

In her new state, 90% of Mazenda's body is fully mechanized with new built-in weapons like the Five-Finger Gun, Arm Bazooka, Elbow Gun Double Hit, and Crouch Knee Missile.


Her name comes from Magenta (マゼンタ, Mazenta).

Her motifs are the ones of a cyborg and of a peafowl.


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