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Doctor Ashura (ドクター・アシュラ Dokutā Ashura, 11-46): He was formerly known as Arashi Busujima (毒島 嵐 Busujima Arashi), a tough-as-nails underworld figure and gang leader with a poor education who bears a grudge against the Science Academia and those smarter than he is.

When one of his men is converted into an Apeman by Hihi Zuno, Arashi tracks down the Zuno Beast and uses him to commit crimes before Yuusuke battles Arashi in a fist fight prior to Oblar's interference. Impressed with Arashi, Bias accelerates his intelligence to the point that he built a chamber that modifies him into his current form.

Other than his new found genius and brute strength, Ashura uses the attacks "Demon Kick", "Break Ashura", "Ashura Reverse Attack", and "Cut Ashura". After his initial lost to the Livemen, Ashura re-modified himself to execute "Cyber Bunshin" to generate the Shurer Three (シュラー三人衆 Shurā Sanjinshu, 14-46) with whom he executes the "Blood Shed Attack." He is targeted by Bias when he used the Hacker Zuno to uncover suspicious articles regarding Bias' secret.

Soon afterward, Bias decides that Ashura is a hopeless candidate and strips him of his super-intelligence. Back to being Arashi, he ends up being befriended by the Liveman and Goh before strapping himself with dynamite to makes a suicide run on Battle Zuno.

He has a soft spot for women and has sided with Mazenda.

Powers and Abilities

Thousand-Point Brain: Thanks to being modified by Bias, Ashura had genius-level intelligence.

Shurer Three: With the command "Cyber Bunshin", Ashura was able to summon his servants to assist him.


Logical Thinker: Due to his thousand-point brain being extremely logical, Ashura lost the ability to calculate emotions such as courage, as demonstrated by Red Falcon in episode 45.




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