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Doc Skullovitch was Skull's ancestor in the year 1880 in Angel Grove. His partner was One-Eyed Bulk, Bulk's ancestor. He has a habit of coughing, because he smokes.

Doc Skullovitch is first seen with his partner in crime, One-Eyed Bulk, trying to rob a stagecoach ridden by Abraham and Rocko. Said robbery utterly fails when it is revealed Doc accidentally took fake guns with him, instead of real ones. After that, they are chased away by the White Stranger. A while later, the duo sees Kimberly speaking to the great-great-great-grandparents of her friends. They then try to rob the teens, but are quickly disarmed by Kimberly, resulting in their arrest.

When One-Eyed Bulk and Doc Skullovitch manage to escape jail, they witness the Pink Ranger fighting Goldar, Needlenose and a group of Putties. They then decide to try and reveal the identity of the "Pink Stranger", thinking it will make them famous, echoing the train of thought of their great-great-great-grandchildren. A while after the battle between the Wild West Rangers and Goldar, One-Eyed Bulk and Doc Skullovitch were arrested once again. This time by the White Stranger. They are last seen in striped prison uniforms, doing community service for Angel Grove. Wild West Rangers

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