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"Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters" (動物戦隊ゴーバスターズ) is the theme for Dōbutsu Sentai Go-Busters, the team that appeared in the Go-Busters special, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Returns vs. Dōbutsu Sentai Go-Busters.


Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Hashire, daichi koete
Mamore, idai naru shizen

Go! Inochi no dendousha
Doubutsu aigo no tamashii wo mune ni


Ai, mugendai! Yuuki, zenkai!
Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters!

Hashire, tatakau tame
Taose, Mechalius Gundan

No! Yatsura wa zenjidou sa
Kikai jikake no shinryaku wo tomero!


I, yosougai! You, shizentai!
Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters!

Ai, musenmai! Yuukigenmai!
Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters!

Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters!

Gallop across the roaming plains!
Protect the wonders of nature!

Go! Champions of life itself!
With the spirit of animal conservation in your hearts!


Undying love! Endless courage!
Bestial Battery Go-Busters!

Race into the heat of battle!
Destroy the Mechalius Army!

No! They are but vile automatons!
And you must stop their invasive machinations!


I’m totally shocked! You’re all-natural!
Bestial Battery Go-Busters!

Unflying dove! Friendless cabbage!
Bestial Battery Go-Busters!

Bestial Battery Go-Busters!

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