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Diving Beetle Evo (ゲンゴロウシンカ Gengorōshinka, 14) is the diving-beetle theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire.

Character History

Diving Beetle Evo was used in a plot to capture children for the Jashinka; using a melody played on its flute, it lured children onto a bus which transported them to a base where they were brainwashed and transformed into Jashinka's "Choroppo Soldiers" who would face against the Dynaman in combat. After seeing the Evolution Beast in action, Dan becomes determined to save the children, inventing a device to track down Diving Beetle Evo's song in order to stop it, but is stymied when the Choroppo Soldiers are forced to attack him and the others. Ultimately with his research, Dan and the Dynaman discover the Choroppo Soldier factory; storming in, he stuns all the children with his DynaRod, while DynaPink used her Pink Shocking Melody to stun Diving Beetle Evo and the children in order to completely shut the scheme down. Facing it in combat, the team defeat it, crush it with Super Dynamite, the defeat its giant form with DynaRobo.


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Modus and Arsenal

Diving Beetle Evo has a flute that it can use both as a blow-gun like weapon as well as use to play a seductive melody that can make children follow him to wherever he goes, thereby allowing for their transformation into Jashinka's Choroppo Soldiers. It can also fire electric bolts from the eyes, change its size, and launch missiles from its fingers.


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