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Uranai Jigen (ウラナイジゲン, Uranaijigen, 19): Originally a fortune telling machine infused with Maria's Dimensional Bug on her left breast, Uranai Jigen has the power of illusion and uses tarot cards as her weapon. Posing as a fortune teller named Lilika Loui Inoue, Uranai Jigen targets Kaori with coincidental predictions that drive her crazy before giving her a tragic illusion of her future where she is killed by Maria at the Bay Bridge. She then traps the other Jetman in another dimension where she uses illusions to torture them until using the Guillotine Tarot Card attack on them. But Kaori stops her before the attack is carried out, overcoming her fear of the future. White Swan battles Urana Jigen before the Jetmen use the Fire Bazzooka to kill the monster and destroy her Dimensional Bug in the process.

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