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Dismissed is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers S.P.D.. It features the first appearance of Supreme Commander Fowler Birdie and the Delta ATV.


When Supreme Commander Birdie comes to Earth and takes over S.P.D. Earth Base after relieving Commander Cruger of duty, Emperor Gruumm arrives on Earth looking for him. Do the Power Rangers have what it takes to handle Gruumm, or will Commander Birdie be the downfall of S.P.D.?


Commander Cruger remembers when Gruumm took over Sirius and how he took everything from him and faced a challenge to Gruumm and accepts. Everyone at S.P.D. Headquarters prepares for Supreme Commander Fowler Birdie's arrival which Cruger is not looking forward to. Immediately, Supreme Commander Birdy is not impressed by the Rangers. The tour continues and Birdy's impressed with the Command Center and gives Kat credit for it and wants her to work for him which she refuses.

Invador attacks the city and the B-Squad cadets suit up, form the Megazord and battle the monster, defeating and containing him. Despite the Rangers's victory, Supreme Commander Birdie sees fault with everything the Rangers did and feels that the robot should have never been able to enter the city in the first place. Supreme Commander Birdy wants the Rangers split up which Cruger feels is too dangerous and refuses to split the Rangers. As a result, Supreme Commander Birdie relieves Commander Cruger of his position. Later, the cadets are assembled once again. Commander Cruger gives a small speech and tells the cadets that he has been relieved of his duties.

Afterwards, the B-Squad cadets discuss reasons why Commander Cruger has been relieved. Kat joins them and tells them that Commander Cruger was relieved because he was protecting them. Kat explains that Supreme Commander Birdy wanted to split them up but Commander Cruger refused. The cadets want to refuse as well but Sky tells them that they can't and that they have to follow orders and Kat agrees with Sky; they are S.P.D. and they have to follow the orders. Later, Kat is in the Command Center and is startled to discover Supreme Commander Birdie is there as well. Supreme Commander Birdie talks about changing the Rangers.

The alarms go off; there has been a large energy surge and the B-Squad Cadets enter. Commander Birdie sends only three Rangers to investigate – referring to them by color instead of their names. Jack, Sky, and Bridge leave to investigate the energy source – which turns out to be Emperor Gruumm. Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger battle Emperor Gruumm. Emperor Gruumm defeats the three Rangers and tells them that he has a message for Commander Cruger – he is ready to battle with him. Sky, Bridge and Jack return to the Command Center and Supreme Commander Birdie is not happy that they had been defeated. Jack, Sky, and Bridge do not tell Supreme Commander Birdie the message for Commander Cruger. Bridge, Sky and Jack leave and Kat joins them. Jack, Sky, and Bridge tell Kat the message from Emperor Gruumm. Kat tells them to give the message to Commander Cruger – but only one should go. Jack volunteers. Meanwhile, Supreme Commander Birdie comes to the conclusion if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Kat returns to the Command Center. The alarms go off and Supreme Commander Birdie wants Z and Syd to go. Kat wants a moment to analyze the situation and Supreme Commander Birdy becomes furious with Kat. Syd and Z are sent to investigate and they encounter Changtor. Syd and Z suit up and battle Changtor. Meanwhile, Supreme Commander Birdy faces Emperor Gruumm. Supreme Commander Birdie is soon on the ground and Emperor Gruumm is not happy.

Meanwhile, Jack finds Commander Cruger and tells him of Gruumm's message - he is waiting for him. Commander Cruger remembers the battle on Sirius and how he severed one of Gruumm's horns. Commander Cruger walks into the Command Center and finds Kat monitoring Supreme Commander Birdie's battle and Z's and Syd's battle. Commander Cruger thinks that Supreme Commander Birdie is a fool due to his hasty decision to battle Gruumm by himself. Kat has something for Commander Cruger and he reluctantly follows Kat. Meanwhile, Z and Syd continue to battle Changtor. Changtor grows larger and Z calls for their Zords. They form the Megazord and soon judge and contain Changtor. Back on the other battle field, Supreme Commander Birdy is thoroughly beaten by Emperor Gruumm. Cruger appears on his ATV and soon Shadow Ranger and Gruumm battle. The rest of the Rangers appear and Supreme Commander Birdie is outraged that Shadow Ranger disobeyed his orders. Shadow Ranger and Gruumm battle with Gruumm eventually telling Shadow Ranger that he has won this round. Gruumm then proceeds to vanish. Shadow Ranger joins the rest of the Rangers and Supreme Commander Birdie. Shadow Ranger leads a cheer for S.P.D. and Supreme Commander Birdie reluctantly joins in the cheer. Later, Commander Cruger is reinstated. Supreme Commander Birdie prepares to leave S.P.D. and tells Commander Cruger that he will no longer interfere and that Earth is counting on him. Everyone is all smiles when Supreme Commander Birdy leaves. Commander Cruger barks at the cadets, asking them if there isn't some training they need to be at, leading to the B-Squad leaving the room. Commander Cruger tells Kat that it's great to be back and Kat agrees. Commander Cruger and Kat leave as well, trailed by a round light.



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    When Commander Birdie salutes Cruger, you can see the suit actor's wrist showing.


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